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Problems in daugher's marriage life

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    Meher Sai

    Respected Astrologers,

    These are the details of my daughter.
    Date of Birth – 18th dec 1979
    Place of Birth – Delhi
    Time of Birth – 9:40 PM
    She has a seven year old son.
    She got married in Aug 2006. She is separated from her husband since 2009.

    Since 2009, my daughter and grandson are with me only. I am already in my late 60s, worried about my kids. I have another daughter yet to be married. My family is in problems.

    Could you please tell me if there is a reunion in her marriage? Will she again have a normal family life with husband and kid? Any remedies?

    Thank You

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    She is one who has a powerful personality and her marital bliss is not very strong. I doubt whether a reunion is possible. However she has a just average horoscope and she will sail through life somehow or other.

    Her planetary dispositions are :

    Planet Strength Good % Neutral Bad% Nature

    Sun 72.16 8.47 3.71 87.82 Malefic
    Moon 70.76 7.45 33.41 59.14 Malefic
    Mars 26.02 27.50 40.29 32.21 Malefic
    Mercury 8.53 48.53 6.05 45.41 Benefic
    Jupiter 21.17 69.48 5.35 25.17 Benefic
    Venus 80.23 41.25 0.00 58.75 Malefic
    Saturn 68.56 63.15 8.40 28.45 Benefic
    Rahu 29.11 8.47 3.71 87.82 Malefic
    Kethu 29.11 41.25 0.00 58.75 Malefic

    Net 45.07

    Mercury and Jupiter though both are benefics, are not strong. Saturn is the only favourable planet for her.

    Read my blog to get a better insight into the above evaluations.

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