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Query for Satish G

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    Satish G,

    You have predicted about getting a job by end of October 2018 earlier. Though I did receive some job opportunities, nothing materialised into a job offer. Please let me know the next period by which I would be successful in getting a job.
    DOB 05 May 81 TOB 15:25 Place Thrissur , Kerala

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    Hi Rahul

    please send me your original question and my reply to that for further prediction.


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    Satish G,

    As requested:

    My original question:
    Hello ,

    Currently all my income sources are stalled. Lost my job and business is also closed. Please advice when will I see income start rolling again.

    DOB 05 May 1981
    TOB : 15:25
    Place: Thrissur, Kerala

    Response received:
    Your Dasha lord is retrograded and you are under ashtama Sani I.e Saturn is in 8th house in transit from Moon and Jupiter is in 6th house from MoonSign.
    Therefore, there are obstacles in your profession. Please, Chant Hauman Chalisa every day and worship Lord Hanuman with BetelNut Leaves on Saturdays will give you good result.You may get a job by Oct 2018 and your income also in improve thereafter

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