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Query regarding career and marriage. Birth details included!

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    Hello Sir,

    Date of birth – 28 October 1989
    Time – 10:00 AM
    Place – Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra

    Sir I will be highly obliged if you could tell me when will I get a job and also how does my future look like in terms of professional life?

    I also want to know about my marriage… like when will it happen and whether it will be arranged or with a known person….and how would be my marriage life?!

    Please answer.
    Thanks in advance
    – Poonam

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    Your career house is having a strength of 49.18% and the returns therefrom has a strength of 63.92%. So altogether your career/professional life will be quite a happy one with more returns than you actually deserve.

    Your marital bliss has a potency of 47.53%, a reasonably good one. I presume you will be more of a career woman than an ordinary house maker.

    You might get married towards the end of this year or early next year. Soon after that you might get a job too with your spouse’s help.

    Read my articles on my blog or on this website “Scientific evaluation of a Horoscope” etc. to get a better picture of evaluation of a horoscope.

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    First off thanks a lot Sir for the quick reply. Those articles are an eye opener (esp remedies one) for many who follow certain misconceptions about astrology and blind faith, loved reading them’ll.

    Also could you tell me whether the marriage will be arranged one or love, if possible, please!

    Thanks again.

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    *push up*

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    All marriages are arranged ones, arranged by God and what is required is love after marriage and not before marriage dwindling away with marriage which is what is happening in this world around. For each one of us, a partner is always there destined. You do not have to worry about it at all.

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    Vuriti MohanKrishna

    sir, iam very obliged if u tell me will i get job in campus placements in the next months… my date of birth is 01-02-1994. iam a virgo… please tell me whether i get a job in campus placements…. and what about my future life? please tell me about my future sir… awaiting ur reply…

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    Vuriti MohanKrishna

    Hi sir,

    Name: Vuriti Mohan Krishna
    Time:10-45 am
    place: Vandrangi village,ponduru mandalam, srikakulam district, andhrapradesh

    Sir, I am going to face the campus interviews in the coming months… Will i select in that campus interviews? Will i get placed in those campus interviews.? I want to know about my future life… please reply to my queries sir.. Awaiting your answers.. please reply to my mail id:

    Thanking you,

    Mohankrishna Vuriti.

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    We need date of birth, accurate time of birth and place of birth for evaluating a horoscope. Also astrology is not capable of telling whether you will get campus placements or not. We can only give you indications regarding the potency of your Career house and if it is potent enough you will get a good job/profession with lot of job satisfaction. If it is impotent, career life will be miserable. Astrology is not a science of exactitude and if it were one, even without seeing you, we could foresee about your life and then write to you.

    Your command in English language is not sufficient enough to get yourself placed in Campus placements. Try to improve it.

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