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Query regarding childbirth

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    Ankita Sogani

    When will I give child birth
    Name: Ankita Sogani
    Gender: Female
    DOB: 11-Nov-1989, Time: 09:05 AM
    Location: Jaipur(Rajasthan) India

    Name: Vikash Kothari
    Gender: Male
    DOB: 29-Dec-1984, Time: 20:40 PM
    Location: Kekri(Rajasthan) India

    Marriage: 12-Jun-2012

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    You will conceive by about mid 2018 if you have not used unwanted medicines to delay pregnancy.

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    Thank you Sir, you mean conceive or childbirth? I am taking various treatment thinking to get pregnant, will all these be of no use?

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    The lady(date of birth 11=11-1989) is having Vrischika lagna
    good points-
    1.Fifth house is occupied by full moon.It is good.
    bad points-
    1.Fifth house owner Guru is in eighth house.It is abad.
    2.Sani is bad planet for Vrischika lagna.
    Sani is looking Guru.It is bad.
    3.Lagna owner kuja is in 12th house.
    Now you are running Sukra perod.
    Sukra is spoiled to some extent by Sani.
    As Sani is looking eighth house,you may
    be having some health problem relating to
    There will be delay in getting children.
    But you will have a child.

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    Thanks Umamaheswara Ji. Could you please guide me how much delay or what should be the auspicious time to have child. Also I have other queries, do you have any option for online consultation.

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