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    Dear Navneet ji,

    I wanted to know when will i get married and how will my wife be? her basic nature and her appearance. my parents are looking into proposals. I might have a chance to go abroad for work purpose so i wanted to get my personal life aligned.
    my details are:
    DOB: 11/05/1988
    TIME: 09:32 PM
    PLACE: kanpur

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    Navneet Khanna

    Looking at your horoscope we see that Mercury is the 7th house lord and in the 6th house which is not good. 6th lord Venus is in the 7th house, which is not auspicious. Rahu in the 3rd house aspects the 7th house. Your 7th house which is the prime house of marriage is weak. Marriage should be done after proper matching of the horoscope.

    Possibility of marriage is towards end of 2016.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Dear navneet sir

    I need your guidance please.
    Am a student currently preparing for my c.A intermediate. Sir is it possible to achieve this ? Will i succeed in this?will i complete
    Please suggest and Guide me sir

    Dob -22/08/1994

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    Navneet Khanna

    Yes finance lines certainly suits you and you should pursue it. However it is not going to be easy.You will have to work extremely hard to get the results.


    Navneet Khanna

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    thank you navneet ji.
    can you please tell me something about my spouse?
    how will she be? her nature and appearance? working in which sector?

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    sir please reply….

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    waiting for your reply sir.

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    sir please reply

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 13 total)
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