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question about my son

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    hello sir,

    My younger son has high myopia (-15) for both eyes from the age of 2 and now he is 5 yrs old and his myopia is progressing.Please let me know if this is because of any malefic planets in his natal chart.We are very much worried about his future.Will there be any remedies/poojas for vision problems. Please help us.

    My son details : name : Ashvik
    born on may 7th 2010 at 2: 16 pm
    Place : Portsmouth , NH , USA

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    You have nothing to worry. He will have a life like any other child. Obviously he will have to use aids as appropriate.

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    Thank you sir

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    Navneet Khanna

    he is actually in the Mahadasha of Rahu , which is debilitated. He is a very young child so there are limitation of the remedies that can be done. However you can do the Rahu puja and it should help him.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thank you sir

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    sir ,

    Do homam or puja help my son to have better vision? or at least will they help not to worsen his vision. Please tell me any remedies or anything we can do.

    Thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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