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Questions on Marriage, marital happiness and Matching of Horoscopes

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    You will have to come through Paid consultation for any question on the above since it can only be answered after evaluation of two horoscopes in detail. A cursory examination and reply will not be possible and reliable.

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    Go through my blog and you will get an idea of how complex it is to check matching of horoscopes and that it cannot be done free of charge.

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    I feel that I am the best person on earth to answer this question!

    My husband and I used to love for 5 years and then the important time came when my parents started searching for the groom! I told them that I have a boyfriend and I love him. Upon hearing this, my father lost his senses because love marriage was a crime (even though we belonged to one caste and state). Suddenly stopped talking to me and really got shattered! Slowly a year later, she started talking to me, because she could understand that I was very firm on my decision to marry my BF.

    Here comes the magical part of the story!

    He took our horoscope to a famous astrologer and threw the horoscope and said that it is the worst match, and said to go to it. After hearing this, my father was too rude in his decision! Either way, I convinced him to go to other astrologers. He tested with 11 astrologers … Believe me! One and all told the same thing – this marriage will not stay for more than a year and will end in divorce!

    Until then, had passed two years ago and there was 7 years of our beautiful relationship with a beam of hope … delayed and moaning and crying for months .. but no one to listen.

    Then I came up with an idea and asked my father to check the treatment to overcome this problem. Some astrologers said that they have no treatment for such a case and some have given some treatment. We spent 50k as part of the therapeutic process for worship and grave donation and finally married 9 December, 2012 and still not in the pitch in and out of the 4th and 6th!

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    That’s what happens when you visit wayside astrologers. You should consult professionals who make scientific evaluation of horoscopes and then there will be no chances of varying opinion.

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