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Rahu mahadasha

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    Dear Navneet sir,

    I’m currently running Rahu mahadasha. Rahu is placed in 5th house Capricorn in Sravana Nakshatra and Saturn is retrograde in 4th house Sagittarius. Many astrologers see that the placement of Rahu in 5th house is very bad specially in matter of progeny, even one astrologer told me to get married before Rahu mahadasha starts but until now I still haven’t found a partner.
    I have read and heard about Rahu that if placed in Earthy signs (which is my case I suppose..) will give good results; it’s really confusing compared to what astrologers have said to me…
    So sir, I want to know if Rahu is so badly placed in my birth chart and if this mahadasha would be better than the previous mahadashas or not ?

    DOB: 17-07-1990
    TOB: 10:24 AM
    POB: Matale, Central Province, Sri Lanka.

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    Read my blog which will give you a better insight into astrology.

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    5th lord – saturn jeeva and sareera are ketu and saturn
    Rahu occupies house 5 earthy sign.. rahu is friendly to lagan lord mercury. 2 benefics Jupiter and venus aspect 5th lord saturn.
    So 5th house has positive aspects too. In bhava chart- 5th lord is guru and its aspecting own house.
    So there can be delays in 5th house star lord is sun and 5th lord saturn is in sun star..and sub lord mercury too in saturn star.. Jupiter being in own star is good for chidren …so there will be slight delay. As rahu is friendly sign it will not give ok result…. As its malefic in you need not worry .
    In saptamsa chart- inspite of seemingly negatives combinations like rahu aspecting lagan from friendly raasi. But aspects of yogakarka guru on lagan is one positive sign.
    Rahu mahadasa will be there till 2035 . as rahu is in moon star you will have to work hard with repeated efforts for success in life.
    Suitable period for marriage is till dec 2019.
    Rahu is not as bad as it seems . as guru is apecting 5th lord in raasi.
    Main remedy for rahu is to be clear in thoughts and planning in life. And do not experiment in friendships . years aug – 2018 and 2019 are suitable for marriage

    god bless


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    Dear Satish sir, thank you so much for taking your valuable time to thoroughly analyse my birth chart.

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