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Rahu Mahadasha Going very Bad any Rahu remedies

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    I am in last stage of Rahu Mahadasha and off lately i am kind of going into depressive state of mind because i am not satisfied with my present job, have to live away from my family and travel a lot. i feel defeated and demotivated and want to quit the job.

    Also when my Rahu mahadasha is ending?

    DOB – 04/05/1983
    Time- 21.10
    Place- Jaipur (rajasthan)

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    Your problem is not Rahu Dasa but the Mars antardasha. Your horoscope has a first class strength of 66.58% and your tenth house is 77.23%. Mars is highly malefic for you as given below.

    Planet Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 83.53 12.05 Benefic
    Moon 45.92 53.20 Malefic
    Mars 13.07 69.37 Malefic
    Mercury 46.63 34.38 Benefic
    Jupiter 48.43 33.10 Benefic
    Venus 57.22 41.82 Benefic
    Saturn 92.10 7.88 Benefic
    Rahu 57.22 41.82 Benefic
    Kethu 13.07 69.37 Malefic

    Rahu dasa is in its last few months and will be over on June 18, 2014. This date could vary slightly depending on different schools of thought in Astrology. But your experiences show that we should take the above date as the beginning of a new Jupiter Dasa which is a Benefic for you as was Rahu Dasa.

    Moon, Mars and Kethu are the only malefic planets for you. Regarding remedies, you can read my articles on

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