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Raj yoga

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    my 10th lord is in 10th house(alone)
    my 9th house is in 9th house (alone)
    it makes Raj yoga ? please explain

    thank u

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    please tell about my wife chart , she has sun(her 7th lord) in 7th house , means she is dominant on her husband ?

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    Hello Sheer,
    Tenth lord in 10 th house is Maha yoga or Maha purusha yoga.It is not Raja yoga.
    There must be connection between 9th and 10th lords to make it raja yoga.
    Any combination of kendra and kona lords ,is raja yoga.
    It requires some time to understand this simple principle.
    9th lord in 9th house ,is also very good yoga,if that planet
    is Guru or Sukra or full moon.
    Kuja or Sani in 9th house,which is his own,is big yoga,but not a
    Maha yoga.

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    Please read my blog wherein it is explained how the yogas can be evaluated empirically. Just having the presence of a planet or planets in related houses alone will not make it a yoga. A Yoga can be from 0% to 100% powerful and the results will obviously vary with the percentages. There are beggars who are having Rajayoga and Gajakesari Yoga and Mahapurusha yoga, obviously having poor percentage strengths.

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