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Reg marriage

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    Jyotishya Vidyarthi

    My details:
    DOB: 23/3/1981
    Time: 4:09 AM
    Place: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

    Shani Mahadasha has started for me from yesterday 21/7/2016.

    Please let me know if I get married.

    Thanks in advance.

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    In your case, it would be better to remain unmarried since your charts do not endorse a happy married life. Why land in more trouble??? You are a Jyotisha Vidyarthi and what you learn should be used to improve your life and objectives by keeping yourselves away from trouble. An unhappy marriage will be more of a curse in one’s life than satiating one’s own desires.

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    Jyotishya Vidyarthi

    Thanks a lot for the reply. Is there any solution that you can recommend.
    Parents are very much worried and searching for bride.

    Please advise

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    Read my blog article “Are there remedies in Astrology?” and other related articles.

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    Jyotishya Vidyarthi


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