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Regarding Job

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    Greetings !!

    I am jobless since Dec 2013. Will I get Job? When? Below are my details,
    Name : Prasad
    DOB L 17/04/1973
    Time : 13:00
    Place : Pune

    Thanks & Regards,

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    It is nothing unusual in countries like India. A job need not necessarily be in a Private firm or in Govt. There are many other types of job including the ones you start with your own investment. Every one of us has to do a job everyday for each of which there is a monetary value attached to it. You have no job only while you are sleeping. Every verb has an associated job.

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      Prasad L

      Thank you Sir, I was in IT, Past 3 years I tried different options but did not seccessed Not able to get through right direction. can you please guide. when can I have good time will come over all the obstacles.

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    To start with you should be able to express yourself well in English. The question you asked shows your poor command over English. Perhaps you may be good at some other languages, but in the IT field, you must have a good command of English language which please improve and you will then be successful in your efforts in getting a job. And creative thinking and knowledge of good programming is also essential in getting good jobs in IT. I have been an IT professional from 1965 and I have interviewed many candidates (more than 10000) and these days most of the IT students are not made for that profession. They take IT in the colleges only to get a job easily. Yes you will get one but mostly clerical in nature if you are not a top notch IT professional. I do not have to look at your horoscope for coming to this conclusion since you are already 43+. You may read my blog

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is kataka.
    Bad points–
    Seventh house contains Neecha guru.
    Kuja in seventh house,is also neecha in
    These two planets are seeing lagna.
    This is slight negative point.
    2.Sani in 11th house is seeing lagna.
    This is serious bad point.
    Good points–
    Sukra and Ravi in 10th house,very good.
    Chandra in 4th house is good.
    Saturn-Sukra starts from 10th April 2017.
    You will get job after April,2017.

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