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Regarding Laxmi yoga in daughters horoscope

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    Ravichandra Reddy

    Dear Astrology experts,

    My daughter was born on 17th december, 7:56 am, hyderabad, india. Can you please comment on significance of laxmi yoga or mahaparivartana yoga in her horoscope. And also comment on her careers as well plz.

    Thank you
    Ravichandra Reddy J

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    Ravichandra Reddy

    year born 2015

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    Hello,Your child age is only one year.It is not necessary to rely too much on
    text book yogas.It is true there is exchange of planets,between Guru and Ravi,between first and ninth house.Sani is lord of 2nd house(Dhana house).
    It is in 12th houe.So Laxmi yoga is spoiled.Sani is looking Guru.It spoils
    Laxmi yoga.For Dhanur lagna,Budha is malefic..Budha is with Sun.Laxmi yoga
    is again spoiled.Of course,Budha Aditya yoga is there.
    Lakshmi yoga is a very high class yoga..It is Punya yoga.Such yogas are not
    possible in ordinary individuals..

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    Ravichandra Reddy

    Thank you for your reply uma maheswara rao !

    Someone told me that my daughter has lakshmi yoga in her horoscope. I don’t know what is its significance. I thought this is right forum to get a clear understanding of lakshmi yoga. That’s y i posted query ! How many years of experience do you have in astrology ??

    If baby is born is really with lakshmi yoga ? How do you determine that whether the baby is class or ordinary ???

    Your reply looks bit unprofessional !

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    Hello,You are misguided by some astrologer or yourself might have come to
    wrong assumption of Laxmi yoga..
    The requirements of Laxmi yoga are
    1.Ninth lord must be in own house or in exaltation.
    2,Ninth lord must be in kendra or Kona.
    3.Lagna lord must be strong.
    4.Sukra must be in own house or in exaltation.
    Parivartanan yoga is not Laxmi yoga.That is good ,but not Laxmi yoga.In this
    case,Parivartana yoga is spoiled Sani’s looks on Guru.In your case,ninth lord
    is not in own house nor in exaltation.First rule is not satisfied.Third rule
    is not satisfied.All the four rules must be satisfied at a time.
    No astrologer will take so much trouble to explain all these things.If you
    know astrology,read carefully different texts.Good wishes.

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    Dear Umamaheswar rao,

    your first reply is not in line with second reply. you mentioned lakshmi spoiled due to shani’s aspect on guru ! In second reply, you mentioned that i’m confused with parivartana yoga with lakshmi yoga. Completely, contradictory and easy catch!

    Lord of the second house is shani sitting in 12th house (scorpio sign). Infact which is 11th place from second house. In this case i believe shani is benefic rather than being malefic in the horoscope signifying gains from foreign land and spirituals spheres of life. Moreover, shani is also recieving benefic 4th aspect from 10th house mars (who attained digbala). Also, Mars is benefic for saggitarious ascendant.

    How do you say that shani’s aspect on guru will spoil mahaparivartana yoga ?? Shani is not bad all times being natural malefic. Yes you are right one point that lakshmi yoga is different from mahaparivarthana yoga.

    But horoscope has mahaparivartana yoga which also recieves blessings from goddess lakshmi.

    I know for dhanu lagna, mercury is maraka. But however, it is cancelled due to benefic aspects of guru and sun who are involved in mahaparivartana yoga. Also lagna lord guru sitting in 9th house (natural own house) is powerful. Remember, sun and mercury are forming budh adithya yoga in 1st house which is also highly beneficial.

    You also observe that planets occupying 1st and 9th house ruling kendra and trikona houses.

    Astrologers can prove complete analysis of horoscope if we pay consultation fees. Since this is free service you aresaying that astrologers will not take much time to interpret horoscope completely.

    Anyway, Thank you very much for your time !

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    I am glad that you also know astrology.I was thinking that I am wasting time,by trying to explain subtleties in astrology,to a person who does not know
    astrology.My task becomes easier,as you know astrology.I dont mind spending
    a few more minutes with you.
    How can you say that this horoscope receiving blessings of Lakshmi.
    For the special yogas- like Lakshmi yoga,Saraswathi yoga,Vishnu yoga
    and Siva yoga.strict compliance of rules is necessary..Little blemish
    on any of the benefic planets,will spoil entire yoga.
    For Dhanur lagna,Sani is not a benefic..Sani should own a kona,to become a
    benefic.He is a benefic for Midhuna and Kanya lagnas.He is a lesser benefic
    for Makara and kumbha lagnas,as he owns first house,which has got lesser
    kona lordship.SAni is a yogakaraka for Tula and vrishabha lagnas,as he owns
    kona and kendra.Some authors say Sani becomes neutral,if Sani owns a kendra.
    It is not correct.It requires lot of explanation.
    Sani is not a benefic.Further lagna is spoiled as 12th house Sani spoils lagna.
    It is semi argala yoga.Sani spoils Guru also.I have seen very rich people
    with dhana yogas.
    Second lord in 11th or the reverse produces dhana yogas.Lakshmi yoga is
    impossible.Mars sees 4th ,7th and 8th houses.How can you say that Mars is
    seeing Sani.Kuja has got Digbala.I agree.You ignored the combination of rahu
    with Kuja,for your convenience.Kuja is a good benefic for that lagna.
    But fifth lord joining rahu is highly condemned,in astrological circles.
    Final outcome of this writeup is Sani spoiled Guru.Good wishes.

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    Again you are ignoring the facts what u have mentioned in the first and second reply. In your first reply, u mentioned lakshmi yoga is spoiled due to guru’s horoscope where you are indirectly agree that horoscope has lakshmi yoga. In second reply, u argue that there is no lakshmi yoga. No correlation at all !

    For getting a lakshmi blessings you don’t need to have lakshmi yoga (not exclusive). In parashara horashastra it was clearly mentioned that mahaparivartna yoga also recieves lakshmi blessings but as not equivalent to lakshmi yoga. Both yogas are unique and give their own auspicious results.

    You have also not obeserved that in this horoscope shani is vargottam lying in same scorpio sign in D1 and D9 charts. I guess you are well aware of the concept of vargottama and what planets can do being vargottam. I don’t need to explain. you have to analyse the d1 and d9 atleast to draw some conclusions.

    Rahu+Mars is good combination in 10th house. And rahu lies in friendly sign (mercury). Depositor of 10th house is also well placed involving in budh adithya yoga. Career wise person holding this combination can do better in any technical or scientific field.

    venus is also well placed in 11th house in own sign. There is gajakesari yoga in horoscope. guru is placed 7th from moon and they aspect each other. However, In this case benefic results in terms percentage is 75 coz Moon is the lord of eighth house.

    final conclusion is vargottam sani aspect on guru will give double damaka mahaparivartana yoga.

    You just mentioned general functional malefics for all ascendants. Being an astrologer u may miss minute details while analysing. For dhanu lagna, sani is good if he has some special features like vargottam. In the chart you have analysed has vargottam sani.

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    i forgot to mentioned that horoscope also has vosi yoga. planets other than moon in 12th from sun. Again yoga giver is vargottam saturn.

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    Sir!Both of you can tell me i have a Laxmi yog or not

    date :22.02.1991
    time :07:00 am
    place : bhopal(m.p)

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    Hello Mr.RK,
    Your lagna is Kumbha.Your lagna contains Ravi and Budha..Budha is a Subha planet
    (benefic) for this lagna,as he is owner of 5th house(kona)..Sun is lord of 7th house.Sun is partially benefic (partly good planet) for this lagna.

    2nd house contains Sukra in exaltation.Sukra is yogakaraka(top good plant) for
    this lagna.It is excellent in second house.Sani is seeing 2nd house.Sukra loses
    much of his lustre,by the looks of Sani.

    3rd house contains kuja and chandra.Good.

    Sixth house contains Guru and kethu.Second house owner in 6th house shows
    negative effect on the inflow of money.
    Twelfth house contains Sani and rahu.Sani is in his own 12th house.Lagna lord
    is spoled with rahu.
    On the whole(to sum up),lagna lord is spoiled.Ninth lord is excellently placed,
    but spoiled by Sani to a large extent.
    Lakshmi yoga is very great special yoga..High criteria is required to declare
    Lakshmi yoga.You dont have Lakshmi yoga.But dont worry,you have got dhana yoga.
    Though Sukra is spoiled to a large extent,he can still shower you with money.
    Dont worry about great great Lakshmi yoga.You can enjoy considerable inflow of
    money.There is also raja yoga in lagna.Finally,your finances are good,far above
    ordinary..Lakshmi yoga means more than 10crores.I am telling the figure roughly.
    Nowhere,in astrological texts,the figure is given.You dont have Lakshmi yoga.
    You have Dhana yoga.

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