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Regarding marriage

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    Komal keswani

    Girl..komal keswani
    Birth place.. Ajmer..Raj..

    Boy. ..chetan monga
    Birth place….. Ujjain..m.p

    It’s said..I m high manglik
    And boy is low manglik…n
    We want to marry..
    Plz give a solution… So that
    Non of us are affected in future

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    Navneet Khanna

    The ashtkoot GUN milan score is 22.5 which is higher than 18 that is required for marriage. Regarding mangal dosha we see that In the birth chart of Boy Mars is placed in the tenth house from the lagna while in the Moon chart Mars is placed in first house from the Moon. Hence Boy is not Mangalik from the Birth Chart but Chandra Mangalik from the Moon Chart.

    In the birth chart of Girl Mars is placed in the eighth house from the lagna while in the Moon chart Mars is placed in twelfth house from the Moon. Hence Girl is Mangalik from the Birth Chart and also Chandra Mangalik from the Moon Chart.

    The mangal dosha of both do get cancelled.

    The mangal dosha of the Boy gets cancelled because Mars is conjoined with Moon.

    The mangal dosha of the Girl gets cancelled as Mars is conjoined with the Jupiter.

    Therefore mangalik is not an issue, however the Girls horoscope is weak individually on the marital front.


    Navneet Khanna

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    when will be the marriage time 19/09/1991 9.45am pob vijayawada

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is Tula..Seventh house lord Mars is in 12 th house..
    Guru is in 11th house..He is seeing 7th house..It may take another
    two years..You have to do penance for one year to reduce the
    negativity in your horoscope.As lagna lord is in 10th house,penance
    will help you..You should avoid milk products,
    sweets,nonveg,nuts for one or two years..No use of easy remedies.
    Best wishes,

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    Best matching pair i have seen so far. Boy is extremely talented and kind heart with all good qualities but girl on the other hand seems uncaring and indecisive which will create issues in their life further. Girl has to be very strong for her relationship so that she can cross over this mangal side and make their relationship strong. If this relationship is strong, it will be the best in future.

    The AASHKUTGUN milan points are 24 which is very good score and rarely seen in manglik couples.

    Best Regards,

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    Komal,Is anything finalized between you and the boy?

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    Both boy and girl Guna score is 22/36 which is a very good score. The only problem that you must be facing is from your parents side, specially father based on Kundli yog. It seems by checking your Kundli details your father has done same thing in his family earlier also and he wont make you happy in future too where ever you marry as per Kundli.

    Match of you both are good as you both are manglik and boys future is very bright and with your kundli you both will achieve great heights.

    Best Regards,

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    My DOB 16/10/1990
    time 2:45-3 am
    place rayachoti andhra pradesh

    when will i get married ? what type of marriage ? love or arranged ?

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