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    Hi Sir,

    Please tell me about my finance & married life

    DOB 26th December 1986

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    Hi Sir,

    Please tell me about my finance & married life

    DOB 26th December 1986

    time of birth 17:45

    Place of birth – Hyderabad, India

    thank you

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      Hi Jyostna

      in your chart Jupiter is the 7th lord . and Jupiter in Jupiter star .so jeeva is Jupiter and sareera is saturn . married life will be happy but some misunderstandings due to saturn.

      7th house has sun and mercury. Both in ketu star. And ketu is 7th cusp star lord. As well as 11 cusp of gains for the person.

      Ketu is house 4. So sun and mercury signify 1,3, 4, and 7 houses…so married life is happy …but with some adjustment problems as guru sub lord saturn is occupying 6 house and is lord of 8th house as well.
      And ketu in 4 house possibility of marriage with mother side relatives..and life partner will be devoted to the native.

      Current dasa is guru – mars and there after Guru and rahu till 2020. Though there will be some tensions if married in married life , and if un married Within, this period rahu sub period upto june 2018 is suitable . again the period march 2019 march 2020 is also suitable astrologically.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is Midhuna.
    Seventh house contains Sun and Budha.
    Budha is within one degree.It is very weak.
    Budha is in rasi sandhi and Gandantha.
    The beginning of fiery signs is called Gandantha.
    Sun in seventh house is not good.
    Some problems, before and after marriage ,are indicated.
    Budha is lagna lord.It indicates that you face some problems
    in life,as Budha is Gandantha.You may face health problems.
    But fifth house contains Sukra and Chandra.It is very good
    for finances.
    There is parivartan between sixth and ninth lords.It is bad.
    You are 31years.YOu did not tell whether you are married or not.

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    Im married and my husband dob is 8th Sep 1982, tob 15:45, Vijayawada

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    You are a very decent and disciplined lady. You will have earnings through a job and have sudden unnecessary expenditure. The job would be in a financial sector or educational institution connected with Government.
    In this Jupiter period you will have union and seperation from your husband because of his profession. There is no permanent seperation from your husband.
    Jupiter – Rahu starts on 12-01-2018. The time will be good for happy living with your husband.

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