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related to marriage and job

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    Hi Sir,
    My name is vinod kumar.I am planning to switch from my current company to another one.Any predictions like when will I be able to do so in near future.

    when will i get married? Whether my partner will be elder than me or younger than me.Whether she will be beautiful and supportive..

    DOB:19 august 1989
    time:9:15 AM
    place:Gudha (city -Jhajjar,Haryana)

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    Navneet Khanna

    You are in the main period of Mercury and the sub period of Ketu till January 2016. Things are challenging but chances are very much there May 2015. Jupiter rules the 7th house which is the house of marriage. Venus the karka for marriage is debilitated. Chances of marriage are very much in 2017.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Hi my name is Ram,

    DOB: 23/06/1989, Birth Time: 10:44am Coimbatore

    2 things:

    a) I am in the United States for my education and does my horoscope say that I could settle in the US permanently or will I return back to India after studies?

    b) When will I get married?



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    Astrology can only say that you will be settled permanently on the Earth. Coimbatore or US are all part of this world. If you think that any science like astrology can tell you the places where all you will visit among the man made countries, I think that your exposure to Astrology is not logical enough to frame an intelligent question.

    Regarding marriage, your will have your first experience around mid 2017. Let me warn you that your marital house is the least strong in your horoscope. Perhaps you can read my articles on my blog

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