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Remedies for Relationship Troubles

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    I am a female and here are my Birth Details:
    26 January 1982
    11:30 PM
    Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh (Telangana)

    My partner details are:
    15 July 1975
    8 AM
    Rochester, New York, USA (US Eastern Time)

    I am currently in a relationship with him for more than 4 years and have had many ups and downs and troubles and we keep breaking up and getting back together. We are not married yet.

    I heard from someone that my horo reveals Manglik and also Chandra Manglik.
    Can you comment on Marriage timing and Partner Compatibility.
    Please suggest remedies(mantra, japa, fast etc) for a smooth life and easing relationship troubles. Many Blessings to you for your service. Thank You.

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    He is currently quite depressed and the doctor has given him medication for bipolar and depression. When he takes the pills though he cannot sleep. So he has discontinued the medication.
    What is the best thing to do at this time. Should he continue the medication ? Are there any remedies for him to overcome this mental illness ?
    Appreciate your kind attention to this query. Thank You for your time.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    About female horoscope–YOur lagna is Kanya.
    1st house contains Sani and Kuja-Bad.Kuja is neecha in
    navamsa.YOur health is not good.
    2nd house-contains Guru–good for your job and money.
    4th house-contain kethu,but Kuja is seeing kethu-general
    happiness is negative.
    5th house contains Ravi,Sukra retrograde and Budha.–good for taking
    decisions and understanding people and lucky in starting
    any new businesses.
    There is parivartana yoga,which means there is exchange of houses,
    between owners of houses(first house owner and fifth house owner0
    Sixth house contains chandra.-average.
    So highlight of your horoscope is your lagna(ascendant) is spoiled
    to a large extent by Kuja.
    Kuja is seeing your seventh house(marriage house).So,seventh house
    is spoiled.
    Negativity from previous birth,is obstructing your marriage.
    One good thing is your finances are good.
    About male horoscope–As for Indian astrology(not western astrology)
    His lagna is Simha(Birth at Rochester,Newyork)
    First house contains Sukra.
    2nd house contains Chandra-good..He talks nicely
    Fourth house contains neecha rahu-bad .
    eighth house-Guru is on 30th degree.very bad.Guru has no
    Ninth house-Kuja in own house,good.
    11th house–Ravi,Budha and Sani.Sani is on 30th degree.
    Sani is very bad.
    Guru period of 16 years over in July ,2015,It was not good.
    Sani period starts from July,2015 to July,2034.
    Sani is very bad in his horoscope.Present period
    is very bad.
    You have to do penance for 9months to overcome bad karma of previous
    birth.Your horoscope is far better than his horoscope.
    YOur friend has to do penance for 2 to 3 years.His Sani and Guru are very bad.
    He should stop all medicines.I think,those medicines are affecting his brain.
    He lacks determination and purpose in life.First of all ,he should make up his
    mind that he wants to improve his life.First of all ,let him improve bodily and
    mentally.It will take at least 9 to 12 months,to bring him to normalcy.
    Question of his marriage can be considered after one year.
    Penance means that you(both)should avoid milk products(milk,curd,buttermilk,
    coffee,tea)sweets,nonveg,fish,eggs,dry fruits for one year(for you) and two
    yours(for your friend).
    Your friend has to avoid alcohols,drugs,medicines also.
    You have to do fasting one day in a week,for one year.
    On the day of fasting ,you can eat uncooked vegetables (unlimited quantity).
    Good wishes,

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    Thank you umamaheswara Garu for your detailed advice. Very useful.
    I will start my penance right away.
    Are there certain deities he and I should worship ?
    Based on my horoscope, Im thinking of fasting on Tuesdays. Would that be the best day. Is there a particular day that is beneficial for him to fast ?
    Are there any homams or shanti pujas that will help him and I ?


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