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    TMR sir,

    i am making a post again as suggested by the moderators here.

    my DOB is 28/03/1988, time: 09:15 PM, place : ambala (haryana)
    when will i get married?? its been 2 yrs now, my parents are looking for a match bt hardly any proposals r coming.. nd those who comes.were not good at all.. so kindly tell when will i get married – this year or next year..??

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    You will be married around the first quarter of 2017 certain, if not earlier.

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      Dear sir,

      its been 2 yrs since i asked this question. but i am still unmarried. My question remains the same. When will i get married. and what would be the profession/nature of my husband and till this age, i am still not settled in my career. i dont even know what i want to do in my life. Sometimes i feel completely lost.

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    Your marital happiness as per your horoscope is 46.21% which is what best you can expect. If you are expecting for a better percentage, there could be further delays and perhaps inordinate delays. Material considerations of the bridegroom should not be the prime considerations for a happy marriage, but unfortunately that has predominance in the present society and many a suitable proposal are thus discarded. The profession and nature of your bridegroom etc. cannot be predicted using Astrology and if someone does it is only a bluff. Do read my blog for learning the scope of astrology and the definitions of marriage.

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