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Respected astrologer, I want to know about marriage

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    Deepak Sharma

    I am struggling in career since 2005.and marriage is getting delayed. Actually I get proposals for marriage but after sometime they refused for marriage. I am badly struggling in career as well.
    Why it is happening with me and when will I get married


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    You are likely to be married in 2017/18.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Your Horoscope is weak on the marriage front. Also you are passing through the dhaiyya of Sadesatti. Mars mahadasha and antardasha of Rahu. You should do the below given remedies.

    1. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily

    2. Visit Hanuman temple every Tuesdays

    3. Visit Shani temple every Saturdays

    4. Keep fast on Mondays for Kemdruma dosha


    Navneet Khanna

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    Deepak Sharma

    May God bless you navneet sir,

    Sir one more problem I have. I used to go to a guruji(tantrik). I thought he is good human. But after 2013 he showed his real color.

    One day when I was studying I saw him doing something around me. And after few minutes my mind stopped working. I see that person in my body.

    Is it happening because of planetary combination. When will I get rid of that ridicules men

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    Navneet Khanna

    I dont understand you completely, what you mean you were studying and you saw him doing something around you. What were you studying and what he did around you. Also how you see that person in your body, I mean when you close your eyes or with your eyes open. What do you see of him. Are you wearing something given by him, like cloth, ring, locket, chain, his picture in your room, something in your cupboard etc.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Deepak Sharma

    Respected navneet sir,

    I am only son in my family. I used to have pain in my father’s friend told me to go there. I went there he write something on paper and make parchi of that paper and says to the affected person to drink that water in glass.

    I also used to drink that water. Initially i got benefit without knowing the intention of that person. I used to drink that water for almost 2years.

    One day I told him that I will go for interviews outside of rajasthan. After that when I was preparing for interview on Saturday. I saw him doing something around me. And my mind stopped working. I felt like somebody has bound my mind with a rope.

    Now a days I see him in my body. When I worship he shouts in my body.

    I always feel he is monitoring my thinking. I always abuse him for cheat.

    I am living a stressful life. When will I get rid of that ridicules person.

    Is it happening because of planetary combination. And when will I get relief.

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    Astrology cannot help you in your problems. Perhaps you should consult a Black Magic practitioner.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Hello Mr Deepak sharma,
    Dont worry about his low level spells(mantras).
    Purchase a yellow sheet of celliphone paper which
    will cost rs10/in local market.
    Make it four pieces.Each piece will measure
    Then sit in sunlight and keep your eyes closed and
    put the the piece of paper on your face so that
    sunlight goes through that yellow celliphone paper
    and enters your face.Do that like that daily 5 or 6mins.

    Sunlight is divine.This is called colour ray therapy.
    There is upanishadic sloka-Jyotir Brahma.
    It means light is God.If you fill your body with light,
    no ghost can reside in you.
    This is very simple and you need not chant any mantra.

    Similarly,daily take 4 baths on head with cold water.
    Cold water contains electro magnetism as per
    Dr.Kuhne of Germany.Upanishads say Aapo Brahma.
    It means water is God.

    Another method is apply wet mud daily to your face and
    head for 20minutes.Upanishads say-Mrittika
    Vishnurupaya.It means mud( Prithvi)is God.
    You need not chant any mantra.All his mantras
    will be neutralised with these types of

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    Deepak Sharma

    Thank you for replying sir. I just want to know what is cellphone paper because I have searched on Internet but not got proper answer.

    What is celliphone paper in hindi paper in hindi

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