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Right time

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    Debapratim ghosh

    Sir would it be the right time for both of us to get married? My DOB- 02.10.1990. Time: kolkata..
    Her DOB- 31.12.1993. Time: kolkata..please reply.

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    Debapratim ghosh

    We are planning to get married in february 2018.

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    Debapratim ghosh

    Deepak sir please reply..

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    Marriage shouldn’t take place between this couple.
    The boy has strong mangal dosha and the girl is not mangalik. The obtained score is also less than 18.
    Even after superimposing the planets it doesn’t seem to be a good match at all….

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    Debapratim ghosh

    Sir i was told that as the lagnalord is mars in my birth chart so its not considered as mangal dasha..its yogakaraka in my case..what should i do?

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    A planet becomes a yogakaraka when it simultaneously owns a Kendra and a trikona house in your case mars rules the 1st house and 6th house and it’s not a yogakaraka and the dosha exists.Also the Astakoota score is 16 which is very less. There are various other factor which I have analysed and I would not recommend marriage between this couple.

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    Debapratim ghosh

    But sir her lagnalord is saturn..does it anyway cancel the mangal dosha? I actually want to marry her badly..

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    Lagna lord is always +ve and yogakaraka per any branch of astrology and probably the most important planet. Creating doubt and fear in mind of people is against principles of astrology. For a couple in love, longevity/career/happiness is seen and logical analysis of nature should be done so people can better understand each other’s behavior and adapt.

    Debapratim: best time for marriage will be from mid-2018 onwards.

    Good luck and may god bless you,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Debapratim ghosh

    Thank u very much deepak sir

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