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Sade Sati and Venus Antardasa

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    I have been seeing a lot of personal transformation over past 2.5 years, under the effect of Sade Sati. It started with upheaval in my relationship with spouse followed by re-building to new heights. In Aug 2015 I resigned from my job and my efforts to find a new one have not born fruits till now. In this period, I have also lost my mother and blessed by a daughter a year later. Now, I am curious about job prospects and have following questions:

    1. Is there service in my chart and when do I get a new one?
    2. What is my life’s objective as I am developing a heavy spiritual inclination and interest in astrology?

    Birth Details – 12 Dec 1977, 21.35pm at Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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