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    An individual is passing thru SANI SADE SATI in SCROPIO. How it is going to affect his carrier prospects and other social & family aspects?
    His date of Birt is 30th July’1963,Place of Birth is Banapur in Odisha state and Time of birth is 12:30 PM(day time).

    Please advise

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    Navneet Khanna

    As per your Horoscope you have Moon in the Scorpio which is the sign in which Moon gets debilitated. Saturn 2nd dhayya of Sade Satti is also going on. That means that till now you have completed over 3 years of Sade Satti period.

    Generally for libra Ascendant , Saturn Sade Satti is not a very bad period, reason is that Saturn is also the Yogakarka planet as it rules the 4th and 5th house which is the kendra and trine house respectively. However in your case it will be more due to debilitated Moon.

    Not to forget the Mahadasha of Venus and Rahu that you are passing through does not promise good results.


    Navneet Khanna

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