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Sathyaastrologer…..please answer

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    Hello Sir,
    When my career life will be better?

    4:40 AM
    Born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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    Subramanian Sathyamurthy

    You do not have job satisfaction because of Jupiter standing alone at the 10th house. Your job position will improve only by 2022.

    Please worship lord Guru on Thursdays or relief

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    Sir pls check is there any chance of divorcein my kundli.myhusband staying away from me from 2years.he never trying to join with family relatives forcing me to do second i really love my hubby.but due to his ignorance im getting fear that i may live alone.thats why im going to file divorce sir.his family trying to cut my relation.i dont hv any option only divorce.bcoz from ladt 5 years the same quarels and last hope sir will we unite sir?
    My dob-13/9/1985

    Husband details
    Pls help sir.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Dear Raj
    You are running Venus dasa and Saturn bhukti upto 07-06-2018. Saturn is your 11th lord in the 7th house and aspecting Jupiter in the 10th house. It is good.
    The main problem is in yourself. Even though you are very sharp and intelligent, you always feel tensions and delay things. You want to be above of all and will not relish others advice.
    Be cautious in your dealings with others in financial and communication aspects.
    As Mr.Sathya has said above, you will find changes from 2022.

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    Subramanian Sathyamurthy

    Ms. Anu

    I have checked your horoscope and your husband ( although the time is not accurate) and my observation is as under
    both of are having a good horoscope and only issue is you both have ego issue and your separation is due to the ego as he has Saturn in 1 house powerfully and moon in seventh house. for you also Saturn is in first house very strongly and Rahu in seventh house.
    He is running sun dasha who is the eight lord and will end by Feb 2019.
    If you really wish to revive your marriage pl do the following remedies

    1. on Saturdays offer flowers to durga between 10.30 AM to 12.00 noon with a prayer for unity

    2. Worship lord ganesha with Durva Grass on Fridays with a prayer on unity

    Pl wait till Feb 2019 if unity do not happen by that time you may go for separation.

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    Thank you mr Sathya and JVS Rao
    When will I meet my wife?
    Some astrologers told me I know her from few years ago but I am not sure about it.

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