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Saturn mahadasha

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    I am scorpio rising and I am saturn mahadasha. My saturn mahadasha started from2008 but the negative results or difficult time started
    from june 2007. Saturn mahadasha was very difficult period for me. I completed my studies and got job but after 3-4 months I have to resign because
    There were some wrong allegations on me. I lived at home and worked on computer languages but it was of no use. I got my second job
    and I did it for 6 months and resigned. Want to appear n govt job exams.
    I was big failure in that too.
    After that I got new job and I did it for 1 year as I was not happy with job I planned to study futher, I came to Foreign land. first 3-4 months were kinda difficult cause
    no part time job, after that i got part time job and things were smooth, I passes out woth good marks and I got job in MNC.
    I was pretty happy after that i got failure in love life badly.
    I was kinda stresse/depressed(SAt-Ketu). On july 31 2015 I was working on a site and some badthing haapen and My boss asked my resign
    forcefully (Sat-venus).
    I went back to India for some time and I came back after 2 months. I was jobless/ foodless and shelterless. I took money from my friends and foes.
    I dont have job for last 9 months.Most difficult time in money matters. As i told you earlier I lost my job on blue moon and accidently i got new job on blue mooon this year 23-24 may.(SAt-ven-rahu).

    MY dob-27-10-1983
    pob chandigarh
    tob 9.17 am

    Can some body please tell me how my next bhukti will be as half of Sat-ven is upside down. I have two neechbhang raj yoga.
    When will it will be fruitify.
    I have a debt on my head and have to give money to my friends.
    Pleae tell me when i will be married as sat-ven is potent to give marriage.


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    While your Saturn is quite powerful, Venus is only 30% strong and is a malefic. Sun also is a malefic. You will have to soft pedal till the end of March 2019. Thereafter you will do extremely well during the Moon sub period.

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    When will neech bhang raj yoga will be active.


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    Your Neechabhanga rajayoga has only a strength of around 3% and therefore it will never manifest in your horoscope. May be in 2052 it may give you some minor benefit during the Mercury/Venus period.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Saturn in 12th is good for spiritual practices.
    You are capable of doing penance.
    Observe fasting on every Saturday for 6months.
    On the day of fasting ,you can eat uncooked vegetables,
    unlimited quantiy.
    Daily take three baths with cold water.One bath on every
    day should be headbath.
    You can pray any God ,whom you like,for 20 mins daily.
    When you get job,you can feed birds.Now,you need not
    feed,as you dont have money.

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    my neech bhang yoga is in 12th house with saturn exh ans sun deb and its the most powerfull neechbhang raj yoga. Please correct me, if i didnt understand anything.

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    You are absolutely wrong. Your neechabhangayoga is only 3% strong and is therefore useless. For more details visit my blog and come for a Paid Consultation to get a scientific evaluation of your horoscope.

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    Dear Aman
    Prima facia its a very gud chart and such results seems anomaly. Lets probe little further.

    The planets, in their dasha, first give the results of planets making PAC (Posited ASpecting and Conjunct with them) & then for their own. In ur chart, exalted Sat is conjunct with Sun (within 4 deg) and 8L/11L Mer (within 6 deg).
    Sun is also in exchange with 7L/12L Ven (who’s conjunct with LL/6L Mars in almost same degrees).
    Now surprisingly in the Sat-Ven dasha you’re getting the results of Sun-Mars
    Debi Sun gives problem with government. It may be fines (11L Mer) and other unexpected problems (Mer 8L).
    Ven is conjunct 6L Mars, so loan issues.

    Plz note Sun is having neechbhang coz of exchange with Ven and also by conjunction of Sat. Things shd improve in PD of Jup (from Aug 2016) and they will dramatically improve in the AD of Sun (from Mar 2018).

    God bless you

    I got this from a well known astro from india Is it wrong

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    You may consult him if you are satisfied with his predictions. My observations are quite different.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Some astrologers give some consoling words to the client,when the horoscope
    does not show any positivity.It need not be taken seriously by client.

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    15 feb 1970

    Good life till now with loads of hardwork to reach a moderate level of prosperity. Rose from poverty to a stature. Since saturn MD started in 2010.. changed 2 jobs, was abroad but lost tht job and a huge chunk of savings too.. wife too left job and joined me.. now we both are jobless without any hopes for future. Wife in saturn 7.5 and me in 8th saturn…

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    You now know the reason for the decline in fortune. Be careful from now on till the bad period is over in 2029.

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