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Saturn transit navneet ji!!!

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    Answer in ur previous post::For Virgo ascendant Saturn will transit the 4th house. Saturn is a functional malefic and its transit over the 4th house is not good for the following reasons. 6th house is of secret enemies and there you will see people spoiling your mental peace. 4th house is of mother as well therefore health issues to the mother can also be there. A lot will certainly depend upon individual horoscope of a person that is to say that each horoscope will be difference because if there is further affliction on the 4th house , then the results would be worse and if there is any benefic aspect then it will save from the malefic aspects of Saturn. This will be worse for people who Rashi is Sagittarius and they will be under strong period of Shani Sade Satti.

    My question is : from 4th house, saturn in transit will look at 6th house of enemy so enemy so enemy won’t hurt the native rather It should protect or give tacits to face them?pls tell

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    sir ji….

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    pls answer me 🙁 🙁

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