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Save my marriage

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    Payal patel

    Hi My name is Payal Patel DOb: 29.05.84 Anand Gujarat at 5:15am.My husband an I live separate since year and a half and he wants divorce now. That’s something I don’t want and want to save my relationship with him and don’t want divorce. Can you help me find solution please. Thank you in advance

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    You better get a check of horoscope compatibility for marriage and confirm suitability. If they are not compatible, there is no scope of reconciliation. Otherwise you may have to force him to live with you or otherwise take it up with Mahila Aayog for proper action. You have a good horoscope and you are likely to be famous and well known in life.

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    sorry to hear about your situation. Your 7th house is aspected by separative planet Sun, Ketu is positioned in 7th house and 7th lord Mars is retrograde in 6th house closely conjunct separative planet Saturn (all classical combinations for divorce)

    Most planets have marriage combination with 6,8,12 showing disputes and unhappiness. You are under rahu-saturn period from 10/9/2016 to 18/7/2019 and Saturn is placed in 6th house in nakshatra of Rahu and with Sun as sublord. All are separative planet and Saturn in 12th house from 7th denotes separation. Karaka of husband Jupiter is in 8th house and Venus is deep combust.

    Given current planetary combinations, divorce seems best option and if by any chance marriage survives it won’t be happy.

    Also reduce your anger and improve behavior to improve marriage in future

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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