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seperated now what ?

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    I m married for 13 yrs with 5 yr old son, currently moved out of husbands house since he was getting his mistress home. I m out of that house since 4 months, please let me know how my future will be.. will he file for divorce and when will this get over. How will my finances be in future, i m working since 9 yrs..

    my details: 22 dec ’82, place: hyderabad , time:2:20 am,
    my husbands : 15 dec ’73 , place: kumta (KA) , time:10:10 am
    my son’s: 14 aug ‘2012, plac: mysore , time: 4:32 pm

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    Please help me with your analysis.

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    You were running Mars sub period in Saturn Dasa when your husband ditched you and your son. However your Rahu sub period started in June 2017 is a much better period which will only do you Good. And how it is going to do that is yet to be seen. I can only say that it will be to your best interest both in terms of life and future. If you are interested in the computed figures of strengths and houses, you write to me on my email id or come for a chat on hangout.

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    Hi Niyathi
    your 7th lord mars is exalted in 4th house and aspecting its own 7th house and exalted Saturn is aspecting the 7th house !!!

    thee is no natural benefic planet aspect over 7th house or 7th lord !!!

    In navamsa the 7th lord Venus is debilitated in 11th..

    finally in Saturn Mars dasa you got problem with your husband.

    Until 2022 you have Saturn das you have pray to saturn / decrease the negativity of Saturn

    Better perform Homam for planet Saturn. pacifying Saturn will bring great positive in you life..

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    Thank you jaibhav999..which means heading towards final separation .

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    Navneet Khanna ji could also give me your analysis,, it will be great help to me

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