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Spiritual aspirations-Tmr Ji.

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    Optimus prime.

    Tmr ji,

    I would be soon starting a 4yr long full time course in kriya yoga.Can u assess If it will be fruitful.Please decipher my spiritual potential from the kundli.Regards.

    12.10 pm-afternoon-13-09-1996
    78e7 18n40 nizamabad.

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    As per my evaluations based on articles in my blog, I find that your Career house is the most potent and you are destined to be having a very powerful career. Your 12th house the potency of which indicates spiritual inclinations is not all that good and it is very unlikely that you will become a Yogi or a spiritual leader. I am afraid spending 4 years of your valuable life may not bring the desired results.

    It is possible that you could help the King or the Government as part of your career and I strongly think you should orient yourself towards such a career.

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    Optimus prime.

    Tmr ji,

    Thank you for the analysis.

    I was just curious.Do you incorporate findings of the navamsa and other divisional charts in your way of evaluation.(Like in case of spirituality-D20.).Regards.

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    Yes the exact longitudes of planets are taken with respect to the Ascendant for calculating the strengths of planets and bhavas. Divisional charts were necessary when there were no computers and manually calculating the strength of planets and bhavas used to take 80 man hours per horoscope by a Mathematician which was not a practical proposition. So some amount of approximation was required to apply the axioms in astrology and divisional charts were of use to us then in the olden days. Today with the advent of computers and relevant software, we can do it in less than 15 seconds.

    I have been practicing Astrology for the last 50 years and I am familiar with the old methods as well as the new computerised calculations since basically I am a software architect too for as many number of years.

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    Optimus prime.


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