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Star mismatch and career related issue

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    Hi sir,

    My sister have some problems.expecting the solution from you.Let me list out the problems .

    1.In my home they were started searching alliance for her.But she like a guy who is related to my family.
    But due to mismatching of stars,It had created some issues.
    Many people were saying that there paada rajju and there is no remedies and all.Is there any posiblities to recover that problem?they were unable to do anything.

    Her name is : Saranya.R
    Star is : Revathi
    Place of birth : Rajapalaiyam
    Year : 28-10-1993
    Time of birth: 09.00 P.M

    His name is : Vinod.R
    Star is : Kettai
    Place of birth: Kanchipuram
    Year : 25-07-1988
    Time of birth: 05.55 P.M

    2.Vinod is doing ACS currenly.since he have some problems regarding his career.He is in confused manner.Whether he can proceed towards this ACS or either is there any other optional ideas for his career?Is this ACS is suitable for him?and need to know about his future career relations.

    3.And he is interested to do business like yatra.Is that suitable for him? If it so what kind of business he can do?

    4.She is going to finish MBA by coming June.And she is planning to proceed for CA further.Whether she can do or go for job?Which will good for her?

    Every problem will have a good solution.Expecting the favorable reply from you sir.Hope everything will be good.Hope the solution from your side will enlighten their life.

    Thank you sir

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    I am reading the horoscope of Saranya,Rajapalaiyam.
    Her lagna is Vrishabha..
    First house-kethu-bad,,
    Fifth house-Neecha Sukra-very bad,,
    6th house-neecha(debilitated)ravi,Kuja,Guru,Budha
    7th rahu-very bad.
    Sukra dasa is running upto May 2032.
    Her horoscope is showing strong negativity(dosha).
    Her problems are not due to mismatching.
    Her problems are due to bad horoscope.
    No astrologer can make a good match,when
    her horoscope is bad.
    You have to do penance for one or two years.
    You have to avoid milk products(milk,curd,
    for one year.
    YOu can eat ordinary meals and tiffins.
    Everyday you have to drink unfilterd juice
    of 30 coriander leaves,20 pudina leaves,
    15 tulsi leaves and 10gms of ginger.
    Green leaves contain divinity and can
    remove dosha,if milk products etc are avoided.

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