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    I had very smooth pregnancy period till 5 month as soon as 6 month started I.e 21 weeks I gave female stillbirth on 27 August 2017 at 4:25 am all of sudden normal delivery with lots pain .
    My details :
    Dob : 25 – August – 1986
    Time : 7:35 am
    Place:Latitude: 015:24:N / Longitude: 073:50:E
    When can I have healthy child ?
    What’s the my karma reason for stillbirth ?

    Please assist me .

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    Astrologer Akash
    Astrologer Akash


    You are a Leo ascendant and Aries moon sign.

    You are currently running Moon-Saturn period.In your horoscope Saturn is placed in the 4th house (12th from 5th) hence you had to face a loss of child also Saturn is your Gnati-karaka(of diseases and illnesses) and was placed 5th from the curent chara dasha in the Saptamsa chart.

    When your Aquarius chara dasha starts from 22/04/2018-21/02/2019 there will be very high chances of childbirth also during that period you will be running Moon-Mer-Mer period and Mercury is placed in its own star and sub of Jupiter and signifies 2,11 houses so during that period you could surely have a child.

    1.Chant Jupiter beej mantra 108 times daily.
    2.Chant Mercury beej mantra 108 times daily.

    God bless,
    Astrologer Akash.

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    Look at the strength and nature of your planets.

    Planet Net Strength Nature

    Sun 14.67 Benefic
    Moon 20.50 Benefic
    Mars 60.43 Benefic
    Mercury 79.97 Malefic
    Jupiter 70.35 Benefic
    Venus 59.29 Malefic
    Saturn 1.12 Benefic
    Rahu 59.73 Benefic
    Kethu 68.52 Malefic

    Net 54.86 Benefic

    You are running Moon/Saturn period. Though both are benefic, Saturn has a feeble strength. You will certainly have a child post Nov 2018.

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    Hello Akash/TMR ,
    Thank you for your concern helpful reply.
    For better prediction here mine and husband details

    Dob : 25 – August – 1986
    Time : 7:35 am (India)
    Place:Latitude: 015:24:N / Longitude: 073:50:E

    Dob : 15-Oct-1983
    Time : 17:10 pm (India)
    Location:Latitude: 014:48:N / Longitude: 074:08:E

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    Astrologer Akash
    Astrologer Akash

    Your husband’s chart is pointing to the same period,you will surely have a child during the Jup-Mer-Mer period from 13/11/2018-07/03/2019.

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Akash.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    Fifth house has to be studied for birth of child.
    There is some negativity in fifth house.
    Great souls will be waiting in sky to enter into some clean and
    sinless womb of a lady to take birth.
    Instead of giving birth to ordinary children,you can choose to give
    birth to great children by following certain diet restrictions and
    can attract great soul to your womb.
    In the ancient days ,ladies used to do vratams(deekshas) before and after pregnancy,
    to attract great spirits to their womb.
    Vratams involve praying a God and observing some diet restrictions.

    If pregnancy is delayed,this method has to be followed by both(husband
    and wife)for 6months.This method will clean bodies of both and facilitate
    pregnancy.This method will clean horoscope negativity also.

    When a lady is already pregnant,these following methods will clean
    the sins of child’s spirit and the child will take birth at a very good
    time with a good horoscope.
    1.Avoid cooked food in the nights for 2 or 3 months.You can eat uncooked
    vegetables as many as you want.You cant eat sweet vegetables or fruits.
    Fruits are generally sweet and not effective in this method.
    You can eat cucumber,raddish,carrot,amla,capsicum,green apples or
    yellow apples.Red apples are sweet.
    1A. If the above method cant be followedl,the person can observe
    for one day in a week.On the day of fasting,the person can eat
    unlimited quantity of uncooked vegetables.
    2.Avoid milk products,sweets,sweet fruits,dry fruits,nonveg,fish,eggs
    for 2 or 3 months.You can eat rice and wheat items of foods and tiffins.

    When you stop milk products,you have to drink(daily morning) unfiltered juice of
    30 coriander leaves,15 mint leaves,15 tulsi leaves,2 betel leaves.
    This juice will give natural vitamins and minerals that are present
    in milk and other fruits.Cows and buffalloes give milk by eating leaves and
    Pregnant ladies get constipation.This leaf juice cures that problem also.
    Such a type of diet will give natural delivery.

    3.Pregnant lady should take one head bath with cold water daily before or
    after sunrise.In addition to that morning bath,she has to take two more baths
    with cold water.The second bath(not head bath) can be before lunch.
    The third bath can be in the evening.
    The body of pregnant lady will be hot.Cold water baths will reduce the heat
    and baby feels happy.

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    Hello Rao sir,

    Thank you for the valuable advice I will followup for my next pregnancy.

    I am very much devotional towards God especially towards kuldevi.

    This incident has changed me alot and I am feeling guilty for not bringing up the soul in my womb. Things were going smooth and all of sudden it was like attack.

    In my life I have seen my father’s death at Teenage then my father in law whom I loved like my own father and now my first child .

    Each phase has given me new learnings thoughout my life and I follow them .

    So I wanted to know the reason is it my past karma ? I do feel sorry for all my sins and pray to kuldevi

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    Dob~ 11/04/1993
    Time~ 13:00 pm noon
    Name~ heer
    Husband name~dinesh
    Time~13:40 pm noon
    Place ~ madrid Spain
    I suffered from stillbirth on 28 november 2017
    So when I will get my child or when will I conceive now?

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