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Strong career chart but not getting job.

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    Dear gurujis.
    Please tell me when can i get a government job. I have applied and given exams in many organizations like railway, college service commission etc. But i am not sure what it will be when can i get a good job. Kindly assist me that which sector should i try.
    I am a female and birth details are
    Dob= 31 may 1985
    Pob= Dinhata
    Tob= 11:22 am (exact)

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    Who told you that you have a strong career chart? Look at the residential strength of your planets.
    Planet Residential Strength

    Sun 92.69
    Moon 37.28
    Mars 1.40
    Mercury 48.38
    Jupiter 44.72
    Venus 6.62
    Saturn 0.35
    Rahu 42.97
    Kethu 42.97

    Net 35.26

    Your career house lord is Venus and it has only a single digit strength. And the net residential strength of all planets put together is only 35.26% and therefore the success factor is only that much in your charts.

    Read my blog for more details.

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    Sir in my previous post u told that i dont have a good married life but my career is a potent one. And i have consulted to some astrologers, they said that according to my chart i can get a good government job and from then i am trying and trying. So what will be my future sir? My married life will not be good and if my career also remain low then what should i do? Please suggest.

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    You will have to patiently wait till such time you are happy with your career. We can only evaluate your charts and tell you what is there. You now know why your career is not flourishing. Be patient and you may get a better job. One thing is certain your career house is more potent than your marital house since Sun is quite powerful due to placement in the career house and you will get a better job when Sun starts influencing your times. And it cannot be predicted with any certainty since the Lord of the career house is very weak. In a free forum, we can only make cursory examinations of a horoscope and not a very detailed one for which you will have to come through Paid consultations.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your horoscope has got some weaknesses also.
    Even people whose howoscope is strong faced frustration
    for 2 or 3 years ,now and then.
    You have to do penance for 6months.
    Additionally,do rolling namaskars(10) daily
    while chanting a mantra.
    Rolling namaskars means lie down on floor and go on
    rolling towards right..This is called Anga pradakshina.
    Ask a priest in good temple,how to do anga pradakshina means.

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