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Struggling to find a good job

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    Hello Sir, My DOB is 15-02-1985,Place of Birth Patiala (Punjab), Time of birth 2:00 AM..i am living in Australia these days and struggling to find a good engineering job.I am doing a part time call centre job at the moment. Would appreciate your concern

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    You will be able to get a good job only by Oct 2016. Till then you will have to make do with temporary jobs.

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    Sir any remedies that could help towards betterment..thanks

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    Hello Navneet Sir can u tell me good remedies towards improvement in my career,I am trying hard for finding a job but no luck favouring me.

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    Navneet Khanna

    First of all I see that you have Kaalsarp Dosha in your horoscope, therefore there will be severe instability in your life because of that. You will get opportunities but you would never take full advantage of the same. There would be delays and possibility of denials is also there. 6th lord Mars is in the 5th house and conjoined with 12th lord Venus, therefore you will do things different from your line , especially till December 2015. Jupiter is the lord of the 2nd house which is the dhanbhava and Jupiter is debilitated in the 3rd house, indicating that you will lose money because of others. You will give to friends and family and will never receive it back. You will spend on home and elders in the family. Therefore be careful of money you make, save as much as possible. Possibility of a decent job will be after January 2015, however I do not see great gains before middle 2017.

    Doing the Kaalsarp dosha puja will be highly beneficial.

    Recite Surya Mantra “Om Gruni Suryaaya Namaha”


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thanks Navneet Sir,

    You are right I have never been able to save money.It comes and goes very fast.
    Can u see a scope for me in engineering job in future or I should turn to other odd fields like driving a truck which does have a lot of money but not white collor job.
    Because its like high time I do something to earn big as I feel I am just wasting time doing part time jobs at the moment and not able to find the good jobs.
    Any suggestions on career front looking at my chart


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