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    My daughter was born on 5/5/2003 time 7.25 am and place chennai

    Which stream can she choose in 11 th standard . Commerce or humanities? She is equally talented in western vocal . Had been focused upLiading her musician her own YouTube channel . Wants to go abroad for

    How does her horoscope support her goals??

    Please guide sir

    How does her

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    There is need to go deep into the horoscope evaluation and perhaps you can come through paid consultation after reading Navagraha Astrology online

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    hello madam

    Analysis of chart

    4th lord ( basic education) sun in venus star.and sun itself exalted but in movable sign . mesha and house 12.
    That at the basic level signifies overseas education.Her chart is also suited for commerce but she has more interest in singing….can she make singing her hobby rather than profession??
    4th cusp star lord is ketu who is placed in house 7 and scorpio raasi
    Jupiter exalted in saturn star , who is placed in hous2 …and such Jupiter connects with venus who is exalted and mercury star.
    10th lord saturn placed In 2nd house gives carre in communication field.
    Moon in mars star and mars in moon star Gives talent for mars is aspected by Jupiter from 3 rd house.

    So horoscope does support education in foreign land. But we need to cautious and cannt take chances with children lives..just for sake of satisfying their adventurism inspite of astrology supporting such combinations.

    More details

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