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study or chanting mantras for cracking exam

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    to get selected in job’s written exam ,i m chanting different mantras 1.25 lac times and study very less. what should i skip,mantras or study?
    I study for 1 hour and do mantra chanting for whole day except study’s 1 hour to remove all kundali doshas.

    am i doing right?
    how many hours should i study and chanting mantras?

    can chanting mantras and no study make me crack exam?

    i chant mantras whole day for getting married.
    if i study for more hours and do mantras chanting for 1 hour,will this affect my marriage fixing badly as marriage is more imp than exam.

    whole day i worry about when will i get married so to make my mind cool,i do chanting mantras whole day and ignoring studies.currently i am under treatment of a psychiatrist.

    so what should i do to crack exam as well as getting married in good family?(how many hours study and how many hours chanting mantas).

    my kundali doshas are=
    1)chandra ketu grahan yog
    2)rahu mangal angarak yog
    3)shukra mangal chandal yog
    6)weak 8th house,weak 9th house, weak 5th house,weak 12th house.
    normal 1st house,normal 2nd house,good 3rd house,normal 4th house,good 6th house,good 7th house,good 10th house,normal 11th house.

    i can’t mention birth details as i dont know them like exact time of birth. above things 1 face reader told me.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    You cant get through exam by chanting mantras all the day.You have to chant mantra only for 20 or 30minutes.
    You said that you have no birth data.No problem.
    It is clear from your mail that you are suffering with a mental obsession and also having a marriage problem.
    Stop all medicines,if you are taking any medicines from the psychiatrist.
    You have to do penance for one year to get over your mental anxiety(depression) problem and marriage problem.
    You have to do penance(tapas) for one year by avoidinng milk products(milk,curd,buttermilk,
    coffee,tea),sweets,nonveg,fish,eggs,nuts.You can take other foods and tiffins.
    YOu have to daily take two headbaths with cold water,morning and evening.
    You have to chant mantra daily for 20 mins only..
    Easy remedies like japa,puja or homam will not work..Body suffering remedy
    means tapas method remedy.
    You have to do fasting once in a day,for one year.On the day of fasting,you can eat
    uncooked vegetables(unlimited quantity)..

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