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Sudden spinal cord injury without any accident

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    Date of Birth- 25.06.1993
    Time of Birth- 23:02
    Place of Birth- Kolkata

    I have seeked astrological help earlier and then my concerns were different, but I never thought life was to demand an attention of a very different kind so soon. Though I was warned earlier about health problems, I never saw this coming. Suddenly on 5th June 2016, I had a back pain and problems in walking. Then I got diagnosed with an early slip disc or a probable fracture. Doctor are still looking into the whole thing and a range of tests are still left. However, i didn’t fall down or have any accident, I don’t know how this happened. I am stunned, can problems really reveal themselves like this, out of nowhere a spinal cord injury? I am not being able to walk normally and am in pain. Please help me to understand when I will get better. I am only 23 and an injury like this means a lot, apart from the pain that it brings. Do help me understand when I can get better, if I’ll be able to walk properly again, if things will become alright again and when.

    Thanking you.

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    To my mind you will be alright in a couple of weeks. Recite Narayanakavacha daily as many times as you can.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Astrologers must definitely have understood the evil points in your horoscope.
    They wont tell the quantum of damage,due to some considerations.
    They will not be able to tell the exact place of ill health.
    You have to do penance method to reduce evil in horoscope.
    see in google–kumrao99 tapas method.

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    Thank you for your responses. I will surely chant the mantra Sir but is there any rule for chanting the mantra? Or can I just listen to it on YouTube, learn it from there and start chanting it?

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    Just listen to it and learn it by heart. By then you will know how to do it best.

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    11 Aug 1984
    Tmr sir.
    A real genius.
    Sir can u predict my marriage after analyzing strength of houses.

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