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tmr sir please help career

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    Sir please help me sir

    Please could u tell about my career


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    I am afraid your career house is the second weakest house in your horoscope. So you are unlikely to get job satisfaction. Secondly your mental faculties are also a bit weak and that could be the reason for you dissatisfaction in your career.

    However your Dhanasthana is quite strong and you will have more than enough money for your needs.

    You can read for having a better understanding of astrology.

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    Thanks sir
    But I am not dissatisfied with my profession
    I am a doctor
    But I am not working

    Sir I am giving pg entrance exams
    Please could u tell will I do pg

    I am having exams on may 10 and may 31

    Sir please could u explain mentally weak

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    I meant you could get upset whenever something does not click and you could brood over it. And probably you do not approach problems logically and are more carried by instincts rather than well thought out actions.

    Astrology cannot help you in telling you whether you will do PG or not. If you are interested in a detailed analysis as given in my blog, you can opt for paid services.

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    No I don’t brood
    And thank u for your service

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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