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Travelling abroad for job search – please suggest favourable time

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    Respected Guruji’s,

    Past two years have been very depressing for me as I have gone through a divorce in my marriage. I need a change of place to get some peace of mind and forget my past.

    I have a visa for work permit in different country.Even though I have a decent job here ….. I am planning to resign my current job and goto new country , find a new job there in next few months (early 2018}). Please predictfavourable right time for me to do so.

    Dob is 11 September 1981
    Place is Patna Bihar
    2:30 PM afternoon

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    Divorce is quite common in India now since girls are more educated and self dependent. You should not worry about it. Get some other girl and stick on to your job in India. Any day girls in India are much better than girls abroad.

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    Sir, thank you for your response.i am not going to abroad to get married.i want to move out of this location and I got a visa.i want to try my opportunities , stay there for an year or two. I have a dream of taking my parents there for some months during my stay.

    Could you please predict my career opportunities favourable time when I would get a job in 2018?

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    I find 2020 onward for improving career opportunities rather than in 2018 or 2019. 2018 is not so favourable since the Venus in your horoscope is rather weak whose sub period you will be running in till Oct 2019. “Vinaashakale Vipareetha Budhi”. Your urge to do it immediately is only because of the effect of the proverb I have given.

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