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uma Rao ji please help

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    Here is my birth details with list of questions.
    I finished my graduation in 2005 in Engineering Electrical i went for job in March 2006 after that i changed nearly 5 organization finally working with quosi government organization in chennai still nov 2012 but no satisfaction and stability in job for me.

    1.Whether i will work in this organisation upto my retirement 58th year or any change of job for me,also i applied for government job which is autonomous body which is in gurgaon dont know whether they will call me for interview and give job please thorough some light on this if any change when.
    2.Can you please tell i want to study law and practise as an advocate whether my horoscope supports that if yes when.

    3.Can you please tell about my married life whether i will get married if yes when please tell about my future wife family status and distance

    Birth details :2nd april 1984 time :11.45 am place :chennai birth

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    Hello Rakesh2-4-1984,
    Your lagna is Midhuna,
    Fifth house contains retrograde Sani.Exalted.Very good.Dhana yoga.
    But spoiled due to Navamsa position.
    Sixth house contains Kuja and kethu.Good
    Seventh house contains Guru.Very good.Hamsa maha purusha yoga.
    But spoiled Sani (in neecha in Navamsa)sees Guru.
    Ninth house contains Sukra.
    There is Parivartana yoga between fifth and ninth houses.It is
    an exchange yoga.Very good yoga.But spoiled by Sani being spoiled
    in Navamsa.
    Tenth house contains Sun and chandra.Very good.
    moon is at 27degrees 24minutes
    Eleventh house contains Budha.good.But spoiled due to SAni (being neecha
    in Navamsa).If Sani is not in Neecha in Navamsa ,it is good horoscope.
    Twelfth house contains Rahu.Bad.
    There are planets on either side of Ravi.

    There is vasi yoga if planet is there in 12th house from Sun.
    Ravi period runs upto July 2020.
    IN Navamsa,Sani is spoiled as he is in Neecha position.

    You have to do penance for one or two years.Penance means you have to
    avoid milk products(milk,curd,buttermilk,coffee,tea,ghee),sweets,nonveg,fish,
    eggs,alcohols for one or two years.
    You should fast on every Saturday(sanivar),for one year.
    You have to chant mantra daily for 15 minutes-Om Namah sivayah.
    If you dont like that mantra ,you can chant your own mantra.
    There is much negative influence in horoscope.
    You have to daily take headbath with cold water.

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