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un happy life, money problems, un hapoy marriage

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    vinodh kumar


    My dob is 11-11-1985 born in Vizag ,time of birth is around evening 6pm. From my childhood what ever I think of never happens.

    But having faith and hoping something great and good will happen I’m still goinon.

    I’m not happy with my current job & earnings. I lost in love twice and I girl I loved slipped from my hand.

    I got married but I’m not happy b coz we don’t sync..She is Virgo an I’m Scorpio as per western astrology. Anyhow I’m not happy with my entire outlook of my life. Feel like having extra martial. Affairs. Though I got good chances I denied them.

    I something wrong with me….or my horoscope… im getting frustrated with mediocre finances and troubles in marriage.

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    Navneet Khanna

    In your horoscope we see many dosha , having multiple dosha in horoscope brings unhappiness and no satisfaction in life. Doign remedies of these very dosha bring gains.

    1. There is Debilitated Jupiter in the 9th house. 9th house is the bhagyastan and there Jupiter which is the karka for wealth and knowledge is debilitated. In your horoscope the planets do indicate tensions, stress, health problems. Unlucky in life ad missed opportunities.

    There is also Chander Gharan Dosha and Surya Gharan Dosha. You should do the remedies for all these and you will benefit.


    Navneet Khanna

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    vinodh kumar

    Thank You Navneet.

    Can you let me know how long do I need to face these obstacles….

    As per the Scorpio astrology Saturn has left and I was under the impression that I will be more successful in all aspects.

    Vinodh K

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    Navneet Khanna

    As per Vedic astrology Saturn is still in Scorpio till January 2017. It may have left according to western of which I not aware as of now as I follow the Vedic chart.


    Navneet Khanna

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    vinodh kumar

    Thank You Navneet Sir.

    I’m sorry for the confusion about vedic and western as I usually check western.

    Navneet Sir, my main concern is my job and income which hampers my happiness. During the coming year can you please let me if there is a possibility of job change and higher income.

    I Saturn is there to teach me something but then I’m getting knock down and only thing I’ve been left out with is depression.

    Kindly suggest what I need to do for a job change as my mood is not also good twisted and occupied with office work.

    Thanks again Navneet Sir.

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    vinodh kumar

    Hello Navneet Sir,

    Please help me on my job change and career & financial growth kindly.


    Vinodh K

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