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Venus-ketu period for relationship or job change

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    sourav mondal

    Hello Sir,

    Name – Sourav Mondal, date of birth- 31.01.1991, place of birth- Kolkata, India. Birth time – 12:20 PM.
    I am currently under venus (major) -ketu (minor) dasha. I have completed my masters degree in electronics engineering (july 2015) and am currently working as a content writer in a small start up.
    My major period is going to change this july as my Sun mahadasha will start from July 2017. As of now i have appeared for a govt exam in march 2017, along with sending my CV to other private firms. Will i have a new job this year in my field that is engineering or there wont be a change of job. IF change of job is there then will it be somewhere far away from my birth place.

    Thank you.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Dear Sourav,

    Lets analyse your horoscope and we see that your Lagna is Taurus and Rashi is Leo. Saturn is the yogakarka planet for Taurus lagan. Saturn is the lord of 10th house of career and 9th house of bhagya. Saturn is combust and weak in your horoscope. Also Jupiter the karka for money and finance is conjoined with Ketu forming the Guru chandal dosha.

    The above planetary position is likely to bring lots of challenges in your life. Efforts will go waste. However the good thing about your horoscope is that you have Mars in Lagna which will give you lots of energy. Lagan lord Venus is in the 10th house of career. This shows your determination, energy and ability of fight odds. The upcoming period is much better than the Venus – Ketu period.

    Yes you should apply for the job in your own life. Even if you do not get the desired results. Long term it will be more fruitful. Possibility of job is much more than away from your place of birth therefore keep your options open and try everywhere.


    Navneet Khanna

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