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very much confused

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    My question is about character mostly…I’ve been involved with aquarius man for more than a year now. At first we were seeing eachother from time to time… Mostly when we were out (we were going to same place) but he also invited me out for a dinner and drink…I was very happy because he seldom invites anyone out. We were very casual and becoming good friends. After months we become intimate involved as well. I felt realy good conection between us. But last time he said something i was just astonished about.. He said that we can never be together because we were very different and he was insolting as well. I told him this was the last time we were together and he started to name people who would be right for me and witch girls he likes…It was weird… I can never tell what he realy feels… one day he cares for me, the next he looks like i’m the last person to be with…
    I would realy like to have some basic destription of his character if that’s possible…
    He’s cancer rising, aquarius sun, venus and mercury, libra moon and mars in last degrees of scorpio..

    I’m cancer rising, leo sun, mars and mercury, aries moon and cancer venus.

    I would really appreciate any answer, thanks

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    Navneet Khanna

    Please send me the date, time and place of birth for reading the horoscopes.


    Navneet Khanna

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    his: 31.january 1986 at around 2pm
    mmine: 5.august 1985 at 4.45 am

    both Nova Gorica, Slovenia

    thank you!

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    Navneet Khanna

    I feel you are looking at the signs from the Western system I being a Vedic or an Indian astrologer will look at it from my system. In the western system you have the Sun signs and in Vedic system it is the Moon sign that we follow, reason being that Moon being closest to the earth has more influence. Now coming to the horoscopes as per vedic concept the boy sign is Virgo and your sign is Pisces. This is a opposite relationship or what we call as 7-7 relationship. This is a relationship of two people who are bound with strong and different viewpoints. Sometimes they would be like best friends but at times also would not like to meet the eye. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Pisces ruled by Jupiter are also not friends and inimical to each other. Basic character of Virgo people as they are ruled by Mercury suggest that they are quite centered people and do what they like the most, unlike like those born under the sign of Jupiter which denotes nobleness, generosity, charity.

    God Bless,

    Navneet Khanna

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    Yes, we are very different in character, but we steel understand eachother very well..and this is something i realy like. I didn’t expect his response as it was. Do you think people like that can function in a long term?

    Thank you again very much for your answer and time.


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    *still, (corection)

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