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Wanna know how kalathara dosa is going to affect my married life

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    Akila Vaishnavi

    Hello sir, I have done love marriage even after they said our horoscopes dint match. Now he left me after I had a baby. They say kalathara dosa or kalasthara dosa is responsible for our separation. How this dosa is going to affect my married life? Will we join again or end up in separation?

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    Akila Vaishnavi

    Date of birth : 9 June 1987
    Place of birth : rajapalayam, Tamil nadu
    Time of birth : 11.45am

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    This given horoscope has no Kalathradosha as is maligned. Saturn lord of 7th is a benefic and Mars with whom conjunction is there of Saturn is also a benefic planet both with good residential strength. The problem with this horoscope is the 4th house indicative of mental happiness which is the weakest house in the horoscope.

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    Akila Vaishnavi

    Will we join again?is it like even if we live together we r not going to be happy or something??

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    What best can be said about your problem, I have already answered. Astrology cannot tell you about a separation unless of course we match your horoscopes and ascertain the compatibility which will have to be a Paid service.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Hi Akila,

    Really sad to know what you going through. That is why astrologers insist on Complete Horoscope Matching or Kundali Milan. Many just go for Guna milan which is not enough. You should insist for Guna and Graha Milan , which tell your matching not only from Birth Nakshatra, but also from various planets that are in the horoscope. You can read more about Kalathara Dosha below.

    Click to Read about Kalathra Dosha


    Navneet Khanna
    Vedic Astrologer

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