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Want to know carer(govt job),love and marriage

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    Amit Kumar Ghosh

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    Name-Amit Kumar Ghosh

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    Give your full background educational, professional expertise and any other useful details. Just by looking at your horoscope, we cannot give you any advice. We can scientifically evaluate your horoscope as is given in my blog for which you will have to come through Paid consultation using the link

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is Tula.
    good points–
    1.Lagna lord is exalted.
    But he lost much strength,as he joined with
    neecha Budha in sixth house.
    2.Sani,which is excellent planet for Tula
    lagna people,is in fourth house
    Bad points.
    1.Ninth lord Budha is neecha in sixth house.
    2.Guru is a very bad planet for for Tula lagna.
    Guru is in 11th ,bad.
    Seventh house owner Kuja is seen by Guru.
    Guru is seeing seventh house.
    You are carrying negativity about marriage,
    as your planets show that there is less punya
    (positive influences) from your previous birth.
    You should be very careful.
    2.Yur career will be more than average,as Sani
    is seeing tenth house.
    You have to do tapas for one or two years for reducing
    negative background from previous life.
    1YOu can do fasting once in a week,for two years.
    2Daily headbath with cold water around sunrise is good.
    3Whenever it is possible,sit in rain for 5mins.
    Rain drops are very pure and contain divinity.
    4.Feed birds and animals.

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