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Wealth indicators in natal

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    Hello everyone,
    Bumped into this forum a while ago and found it to be super helpful. Therefore, I wanted to pose a question regarding my wealth ‘predispositions’ indicated in my natal. I aspire to become extremely rich, so I want to know what is there for me to use 😀
    Any help would be highly appreciated, thank you all in advance!
    My natal:

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    The image won’t post so here’s my birthdate
    21.05.1998. ; 04:35 AM ; Leskovac, Serbia
    Timezone: UTC +1 (CET)

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    Navneet Khanna

    As per the Vedic horoscope you are Aries and your Rashi (Moon Sign) is Pisces. Ascendant lord Mars in the second house indicate strong desire to earn lot of wealth at a very young age. Mars is conjoined with Sun which will give you name, face, status and recognition. Mercury is in the first house will give you strong memory, logical mind and ability to analysis things very well. You will be active and fun loving. Saturn in first house will make you hard working and willing to accept challenges.

    Jupiter the karka for wealth is conjoined with Ketu (Moon South Node) in the 11th house, this will bring period of disappointment and struggle. However eventually you will do well in terms of finances.


    Navneet Khanna

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