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what is my mukhya graha and isht dev,

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    sahil bhandari

    THANK you Very Much Navneet Sir for guiding me, but i am still in dilema (lol), will i be able to achieve financial gains ever or it will be same?
    Second who is my isht dev?

    Sorry if i bothered you by any means , help coming from your end means alot to me Sir.



    Navneet Khanna

    In Gita Lord Krishna says, do your karma and do not worry about the results, because it is not in your hands. You need to only focus on your Karma, and do what you want to do in life , in your career. Do it with complete devotion and dedication. I find no reason why anyone who is sincere and hard working should not get the desired results. Astrologically also yours is a good chart and its indicates success.


    Navneet Khanna



    Hello sir,

    Kindly let me who’s my Mukhya Grah and Ishta dev ..

    I’m not getting stable in career .. let me know the remedies ..
    My career is related to dramatics ..

    Any gemstones to be adopted ? Kindly help ..
    Thank you!



    Dear sir
    Please tell me my mukhya grah and isht dev. Also would i be able to do MBA from abroad
    DOB- 09/11/1980
    TOB-02.00 AM
    POB-Gwalior, m.p

    PrthviRaj SN

    Respected Astrologers and the seekers of these question,

    Although I am not an Astrologer but started learning astrology a few days ago .

    I may be wrong. In that case Astrologers are requested to guide me .

    I am following these blog for quite a time.

    And for the seekers of Mukhya Graha and Isht Dev and Mantra related to that –

    Kindly be guided that to my learning ,

    Your Ascendant Lord should be the Mukhya Graha . As it is likely to help you in almost every aspect of your life.
    Strong ascendant and ascendant Lord helps a person to face very less struggle and diseases in her/his life.
    Very weak ascendant with relatively strong Sixth Lord indicates Chronic or sometimes incurable diseases and lot of struggles in Life.
    Strengthening your Ascendant Lord :

    you should strengthen it or any benefice planet by the use of Gemstone or If you want to chant mantra , remember to keep a NUMERIC YANTRA. Numeric yantra reduces the effect of malefic planet and strengthens the positive planet to its maximum efficiency according to your birth chart. Only these two way, you can strengthen a planet. Please don’t perform Graha Shanti yagna or Only mantra recitation for best planets as they are likely to calm down or low down its effect .

    GraShnti , Simple mantra chanting, Stotra recitation and wearing Rudraksha are for malefic planets.

    Effects of malefic planets can be propitiated by using Rudraksha . For eg, If MARS is in Mrityu Bhaga(even it is functional Benefice) or the most malefic then use 3 mukhi or 10 mukhi rudraksha.

    In most cases you can you 10 mukhi rudraksha as it pacifies all 9 planets.

    Best Rudraksha for Girls to wear every time is 9 mukhi Rudraksha . As it is said to bestow all 9 qualities MAA DURGA holds .

    Now for Ishta Dev:

    According to my learning , your Ishta dev is the deity respective to your Soul Planet .

    If your soul planet is Moon- Isht Dev i Lord Shiva – Recite Shiva Chalisha , Chant Om Namaha Shivaya Mantra
    ” Mars – Isht Dev – Ganesh nd Hanuman Ji , Recite Hanuman Chalish and Chant Om Gum Ganapathaye Namah
    ” Mercury – Isht Dev- Lord Ganesha and Lord Narayan- Chant Om Gum Ganapathye Namah and recite Vishnu Sahasranaam
    ” Jupiter – Isht Dev- Your Kulguru or Sai Baba or Lord Shiva-
    Chant Om Namah Shivaya, Recite Sai Satcharitra or recite/chant related to Lord Jupiter or remember your Family deity
    ” Venus- Ishta Dev/DEvi – MAA DURGA – Recite Durga Argala Stotrom and Perform Sapta Sathi path once a year by a learned purohit.
    ” Saturn – Lord Shiva and Lord HAnuman – Recite Hanuman Chalisha and Chant Maha Mrityanjay Mantra with presence of Maha Mrityuanjaya Yantra

    For Sun- Recite Aditya Hrudayam

    Now, Reciting Something and chanting Mantra has diff rules –

    Mantra can be chanted 108 times but few rules may be followed

    Aditya Hrudyam is a very powerful stotrom to reduce malefic effect of Sun- Better you recite it 12 times as sun has 12 forms or at least 3 times daily .

    Hanuman chalisha could be recited 11 times daily as he is called 11 rudra or at least you must complete 100 times in total .

    Shiva Chalisha could be recited 3 times to 9 times daily


    Respected Astrologers can delete my post if it is not required or violating the rule of this forum.



    Tell me who should be my ishtdev and mukhya graha.

    DOB 5 DEC 1988
    TIME 8:30 AM

    Jangalapalli Venkata Subbarao
    JVS Rao

    Mercury is good giving gains. Hence Lord Vishnu will do good.

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