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what is neecha bhanga raja yoga ? whether it is powerful yoga

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    what is neecha bhanga raja yoga ?
    whether it is powerful yoga ?

    When this yoga come to the picture ?
    what are the effects of this yoga ?

    Please help me

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    Navneet Khanna

    If you know what is Neech in planet terminology , which is also called Debilitated planet in English then Neech Bhang is reversal of Neech aspect of the planet and is supposed to give good results.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Example :

    Mars is debilitated in cancer .

    neech bhanga conditions:

    1. Mars is retrograde in rasi chart
    2. Lord of Mars debilited planet moon is kendra to lagna
    3. Lord of Mars exalation plant saturn is kendra to lagna and moon
    4. Mars is in its own sign in NAVAMSA D9 chart.
    5. Moon and Saturn mututal kendra to each other

    Whether in this conditions MARS attained neecha bhanga …
    How about MARS dhasa and bhukthis..

    Please give the views on this sir …


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    The debilitation point of Mars in Cancer is 28th degree of Cancer and the extent of debilitation has therefore to be calculated using your position of Mars in the chart. The debilitation % has thus first to be calculated and only then the benefit of Neechabhanga can be evaluated.

    Suppose in your horoscope Mars is in the 1st degree of Cancer, then there is no debilitation at all. Normally we consider debilitation only to the extent of plus or minus 5 degrees from the debilitation point. Say for example even if your Mars is in the 1st degree of Leo, you have Mars in Debilitation though in the zodiacal chart it will be in Leo.

    Astrology is not that easy to understand without first learning the Mathematics behind it.

    Your question can of course be answered if we prepare your chart based on you date, time and place of birth and go through all the rigmarole of mathematics behind calculating the strength of debilitation and similarly the strength of placement of all other planets contributing to Neechabhanga Yoga.

    Without doing the above, any comment would be fruitless. And that is what we do to calculate the strength of planets and houses and this will give you an indication of how powerful or otherwise of Mars in your horoscope.

    Read my article on this site “Astrology – A new version” and “Scientific Evaluation of a horoscope” etc.

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    My DOB is 6 March 1983 and DOT is 20:09 pm
    Birthplace is Dombivli, Maharashtra, India

    Do I have any NEECHABHANGA RAJAYOGA and if I have, how powerful it is?

    Thank you,

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