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When do I come back to normal life?

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    Dear learned members,
    My birth details are as follows
    8th January 1988, 6:24 am, Kendrapara-Odisha
    My life has undergone extreme changes since Aug 2015 after being associated in a romantic relationship, for the worst.
    I survived a major suicide attempt in early 2016 after seeing my personal, familial, professional, social life getting destroyed.
    #1. Since then I have developed some neurological health issues and living under acute depression.
    #2. I have tried to rejoin my government job but I was not allowed and HRD decided to do a proceeding before allowing me to join. The proceeding itself is stalled for an year now. (Note: this was my second government job in the capacity of a manager)
    #3. My university from which I pursued my engineering has been deemed unauthorized by supreme court. Hence my degree obtained in 2009 became invalid as on Dec 2017. Therefore, My chances of trying for a new job or getting back to my old job is diminished.
    #4. My old relationship which brought me my downfall, came back into existence again on March 2017 when my ex vowed to begin again with me, only to end up in even a worse situation that needed a legal intervention.
    #5. Currently, I’m under extreme stress and regret and I wish to start my life again. I came up with a agro-business plan and dedicated all my time and energy to but for circumstances beyond my control, it keeps on getting delayed.

    Is it the result of Kemadruma dosha getting hyper activated during my current Chandra Mahadasha? Should I just take it as my fate and give up? Can any kind hearted learned member show me a way?

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    Navneet Khanna

    Looking at your horoscope we see that Yes there is Kemdruma dosha in your horoscope and the Moon Mahadasha is going on. The period till July 2020 is not favourable with lot of unwanted stress and tensions. However some respite is there after July 2018. This is the time when you should do some serious introspection and see how you can get back your life in order. Many times we do make wrong decisions, and you are not different, however this is the period for you when you can put your past behind and plan for the future again. When things go wrong, it is normal to lose hope, but like day changes to night and night changes to the day, as seasons change, as everything around us is changing, similarly the bad days will change for the good. It is only upon you to recognize this change and let yourself be a part of it. Leave the past behind and start afresh.

    Do the remedies of Kemsdruma dosha and you will see the difference.

    1. Offer Jal to Shivling every Mondays

    2. Recite Mantra “Om Shram Shreem Shrom Sah Chandramasay Namaha”

    3. Drink water in a Silver Glass.

    4. Wear a Silver Kara


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thank you so much Navneet ji.
    I will follow the remedies immediately. I ll ask mother to get me a silver kara. Shall start the Jaap in the morning. I assume I should try to take it easy till July 2018.

    May you always be blessed for your kindness.

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    Reread your reply.
    “It is only upon you to recognize this change and let yourself be a part of it.”
    Yes, I have my inner resistance and confusion at work on emotional level, I must admit.
    “It’s upto me to recognize and be a part of change for my own good”
    I shall keep this affirmation with me all the time. Many thanks.

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