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When i am going to change my job ?

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    Hi sir,

    When i am going to change my job ? Does my horoscope has Manglik Dosha or not ?

    Date Of Birth : 21-03-1988
    Time Of Birth : 7:21 pm
    Place Of Birth : Eluru, Andhra Pradesh
    Gender : Male

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    Please read my blog and then if you still have doubts about Manglik Dosha and such other myths, you may contact me again. Small things like changing your job are not able to be seen by astrology except when it involves change in the nature of career like from Engineering to Administration or Business etc. After all you can only change the employer and you still have to do your job relevant to your expertise which is not going to change except in rare circumstances.

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    My parents approached some astrologer he said that i am having mars is placed in 4th house from lagna while in moon chart mars is placed in 9th house from moon so i am manglik from birth chart but not from the moon chart. What does it means ? Should i marry the manglik girl only ?

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    Being Manglik is not a dosha, it is a quality of life indicating the sexual potency. The best test whether you are manglik is not the placement of Mars alone with respect to Lagna or Moon. I have given the full details in my related articles on my blog. Do read it. Matching Sexual potency is a must for successful marriage.

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    When i am going to marry ?

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    For supplementary questions, you will have to come through Paid services.

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