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When i get new Job ? Its very critical condition for me

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    Hello Sir,
    Currently i’m working in IT company, I’m on very less salary,
    now my finical condition is not good since i have loan & family responsibility.

    I’m trying to find new job from last Oct 2017, but not getting new job, i gave 2-3 interview but not get success.

    Please suggest when i get new job .

    My DOB – 14-03-1985,
    Time – 2:20 PM
    Place – Bhilwara, rajasthan

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    Dear Bagwati,

    Better job shall be there after 4-4-2018.

    Thank You.

    Astrologer Sourav, for PAID consultation

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    TMR sir, Navneet sir, can you please give your input too.

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    Hello Sir,
    please reply me

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    Astrologer Akash
    Astrologer Akash


    Don’t worry you will surely get a new job after 5th April 2018.

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Akash.

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    THANK you sir Akesh sir & Sourav sir,
    Let’s finger-cross

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    Still struggling for new job & waiting for job calls,
    when i get job very critical condition for me

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      Hi Bhagwathi,

      Moon-Saturn dasa started from 7/4/2018 … This dasa is favorable for you.

      Right now you have a job, but you want to change to a new job with high salary, for this we have focus on you 10th and 11th house

      as your 10th house is strong with own planet we have to look at your 11th house, Your labha sthana has Jupiter aspect which is 9th lord and Debilitated in 7th house.. 8th lord Saturn aspects the 11th house which is not very good

      So for getting new job with high salary you have to wear “yellow Sapphire” or recite “guru bija mantra” daily and worship lord shiva everyday.

      Due to current favorable Dasa and following the above remedies, you will get new job within three months.

      Thank you

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    Please read “Are there remedies in Astrology” on my blog

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      please read the following for remedies does work.

      Is there life in human body or just it is a robot? yes there is life, we can not see it.. so it does’t mean there is no life if we can’t see it with naked eyes?

      Wearing a black color cap or white color cap on head in hot summer brings big difference in heat effect on head? simply the cap color changes, the heat effect of Great lord SUN on us changes? I don’t believe!!

      Why tides are occurring in oceans and sea. simply Moon attracts the entire water in ocean? i don’t believe

      I can not see UV Rays with my naked eyes, so i claim they don’t exist.

      I had not seen my fore fathers so i believe my forefathers don’t exist if they exist in need proof..

      It is Varahmihir among the modern astrologers who has mentioned gemstones in his works and has elaborated on their uses. More so, gemstones are a part of Ayurveda and have been extensively used for their healing effects. Kings ministers and almost every civilized culture have existence of gemstones. On earth Several ancient sages too have mentioned the use of gemstones in various texts.

      References and uses of gemstones can be found in Brihat Samhita, Bhavaprakash, Ras Ratna Saamuchya, Ayurveda Prakash, and many others. In Brihat Samhita refer to Part 2, Ch 33–36.

      Finally, except BRAMHA(TIME) no one can predict the future with certainty. we humans can only predict the future with probability.

      Remedies also work with probability. some time they work, some times they may not work. Remedial measures depends on astrologer capacity like science work depends on scientist’s capacity.

      remedies does work?, probably yes!

      Thank you!

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    Sorry TMR sir it doesn’t mean to question you. Its just a instinct reply …

    thank you

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    Hello Sir,
    I’m still struggling for new job but not getting any job calls & not success in interview also.

    is Jupiter transit give me favorable news for my career

    Please sir help me i’m very depressed even working hard to achieve any work but not getting success

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