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when my life will change

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    From 1993 i am facing lots of difficulties in life still it is not recovered continous problem for me,also my previous sukra maha dasa has ditched my life like anything.I am facing difficulties in each and every part of my life.when my life will change in terms of career and others etc.

    Which career i will do and how will be my future.When my difficulties will stop still now my life is question mark.
    2nd april 1984,11.45 am chennai birth

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.Umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is Midhuna.
    5th house-retrograde exalted Sani,bad.
    6th house-Kuja and kethu,good.
    7th house-Guru in own house.-good.
    9th house-Sukra is in 30th degree.This is
    strong negativity in horoscope.Sukra is very
    important planet.Planets in last degree will
    not work.There is parivarthana yoga,
    between sani and sukra.
    Sani and sukra ,both spoiled.
    YOu have to do penance for one year,as you
    dont have positive luck,as sukra is not working.

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    Dear Navaneeth ji/TMR ji,

    Please give your view and analysis for me.


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    I have already replied to you.

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    Sir I didn’t receive any reply where is ur reply please copy paste here

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    Dear Rakesh,

    Your Venus is powerless and you were running Venus Mahadasa till 2014. Thereafter you are running Sun Mahadasa and Sun is very powerful in your horoscope. Your times should have changed from 2014 for the better and still you are not happy. Are you sure your birth time is correct? Usually a powerful sun gives good government jobs with some power in your hands. What job are you doing now? Try reciting Narayanakavacham, Rudrageetham and Srikrishnakarnamrutham daily.

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    Dear TMR ji,

    My birth time is 100 % correct and there is no doubt in this.

    Day by day my life is going down as sukra dasa spoiled my life like anything, if sun wants to do also it cannot able to do as my life in a very deep ditch now.

    At present i work in company but that job also not healthy really dont know what will happen.i also though in sun dasa i will get govt job but that is not happened

    Whether my life will improve in terms of career if yes when it will improve and what is really store in future for me.whether my difficulty will stop or will continue as i didnt have a healthy career still now because of my career my personal life also there is no improvement.As you told i will have power but no power is with me still now life is useless for me.


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    Planet Residential
    Strength Good% Bad% Lifeless Nature Net effect

    Sun 79.61 56.36 9.10 34.53 Benefic 52.12
    Moon 23.95 4.62 7.69 87.68 Malefic 2.95
    Mars 24.27 15.78 7.34 76.87 Benefic 5.61
    Mercury 46.37 10.78 34.69 54.53 Malefic 21.08
    Jupiter 85.60 18.62 62.35 19.03 Malefic 69.31
    Venus 10.10 3.97 3.00 93.04 Benefic 0.70
    Saturn 62.72 57.13 2.00 40.87 Benefic 37.09
    Rahu 100.00 39.28 29.68 31.04 Benefic 68.96
    Kethu 100.00 65.03 30.26 4.71 Benefic 95.29

    Net 59.18 30.18 20.68 49.15 Benefic 30.10

    Based on the time of birth given, the strengths of the planets in your house are given above. Venus has 10.10% residential strength and the net effect of the planet is only 0.70%. No wonder Venus period was not good. But Sun the current period has a very good strength of 79.61% strength and a strong benefic. And in your case you are not doing well.

    The only reason could be the time of birth is not correct. There is little point in looking at your horoscope with possible erroneous data. It is like treating a patient keeping in front someone else’s medical diagnostic report.

    Read my blog for more details.

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    Dear tmrji

    But am 100% sure birth time is correct

    Can u please give your opinion regarding moon and Mars dasa in my horoscope

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    Look at the strength and nature of those planets in my table given earlier. They are not very good.

    If you insist that your tob is correct, then astrology is all wrong.

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    Dear tmrji
    Thanks for your analysis
    What u told is correct astrology is wrong to me and it’s not working better I will not see astrology further

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    Very wise decision.

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